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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chalk Parlay

Only a degenerate like myself would be up at 6:00 am searching for the most obscure soccer leagues to bet on. I've put together a what the fuck kinda parlay with 7 teams that are each -350 or greater favorites.

This is doomed for failure given the fact that at least one of the soccer matches will undoubtedly end in a draw. It'll probably be one of the two -350 matches but whatever, the parlay's just for kicks as no real handicapping went into any of these matches. I simply searched through all the soccer games going on today, did a quick scan of the league tables and picked the biggest favorites.

Good luck me.


7 Game Parlay ($3.96 to win $8.02)

Boston -1700
Lokomotiv Sofia -350
PFC Beroe -350
HNK Rikeja -1000
Blackburn -400
FK Crvena -700
Partizan Beo -1000

Also adding:

Liverpool v. Chelsea DRAW ($5 to win $9.50)

A little more work went into this one. This is going to be a really close and low scoring match. They finished 1-1 a week ago. Choosing a side is too risky. Although Liverpool is going to need a goal in order to advance, Chelsea is unbeaten at home in 81 straight matches.


Day Profit: +$5.54

Day Record: 1-1

Total Record: 37-50-0

Bankroll: $174.50

Total Profit: -$25.50 (-5.0 Units)

1 comment:

vtn said...

i need help with picks man.. i'm in a major slump. two 0-6 days within a one week span! that's murder!