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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April 9th

I didn't post yesterday because I only had one play for the day. It was Yankees -1.5 which ended up a loser. I don't know, I just wasn't in a gambling mood at all, lol. Instead I watched some Law and Order and played some MLB 08. Just got the game yesterday and was afraid it was going to be the exact same thing as 07.

This is what's been happening lately with new sports games for the PS2 and XBOX. Games get released with a roster update, virtually no new game features, but a spankin' new $40 price tag. I guess it's Sony and Microsoft's way of telling me it's about time I fork over the $400 or so dollars for a next generation console. Thankfully MLB 08 does have some new features and the game looks promising so far.

Anyway, like I said I only had the Yankees yesterday, although I did want to take the Angels as well but was down for a few hours last night so I couldn't place the bet. I don't think the Angels ended up covering the runline so I guess I lucked out.

Today I've already got the Dodgers and possibly the Cubs and Red Sox later tonight.


LA Dodgers -0.5


Astros -0.5

Padres -1.5

Texas -1.5

Yankees -0.5

Twins -0.5

Chivas v. Santos O2.5


Day Record: 2-4-0

Day Profit: -$10.20

Total Record: 18-23-0

Bankroll: $177.32

Total Profit: -$22.68 (-4.5 Units)

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