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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wake Up Little Tiger

Well the sports betting was shitty yesterday with a 1-3 day. Fortunately, I played two of the games for only half a unit and managed to win my biggest dog at +285 so my bankroll didn't suffer too much.

I did have a decent day of gambling at work last night. I started off winning a $50 prop bet from my friend. We were discussing a hand on Poker After Dark and there was a hand where it was AK v. AK and he asked me why the percentages where like 7% for one hand and I explained to him it was because one of the AK was suited. He wouldn't beleive me and after we went online to check it out, I'd won myself an easy $50.

I ended up losing half of it back in blackjack though, which sucked but oh well. A bit of controversy rounded up the night when me and my friend were accused of cheating in blackjack against this other dude who was drunk out of his mind. We beat him for $20 in that particular hand. He had 19 and I had a 17 so I hit and drew a miracle 20 to beat his 19. Immediately he starts accusing us of cheating. The funny thing is, this is the dude that tries to cheat every time we play. I don't even know why we play with him. We've caught HIM trying to pocket some cards occasionally, so for him to bring forth such accusations was just laughable. And when he was telling the other dudes that we had cheated him, none of them believed him.

This one guy Manny, who I play with a lot was like "No way man, if there's one guy here who'd never cheat in cards, it's Victor." The whole thing ended up putting me on tilt though, so I spewed off a few more dollars before the night was over. I ended up not taking the guy's $20 dollars that I won from him fair and square. I just don't intend on ever playing with him again.


Anyway, so on to sports betting for today. I'm going with the Tigers again, because their bats just HAVE to wake up sometime. Hopefully it's today. Then there's a couple of underdog soccer plays that may have some value in them, so we'll see. I might add a couple of more baseball plays later tonight.

Santos -0.5 (+140)..................$5 to win $7

Chivas -0.5 (+135)..................$5 to win $6.75

Detroit -1.5 (+140).................$5 to win $7


Jaguares -0.5 (+135)............$5 to win $6.75

Washington +4.5 (-110).......$5 to win $4.55

LA Angels -1.5 (+125).........$5 to win $6.25


Record: 8-12-0

Bankroll: $181.41

Total Profit: -$18.59 (-3.7 Units)


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vtn said...

damn i didnt see you taking tigers hah