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Monday, April 7, 2008

Memphis FTW

Yesterday's action was pretty shaky. I managed to come out with a $3 profit on the huge card only because I placed 2 units on the Pachuca game instead of 1. They kicked America's ass 3-1.

Usually when I'm at home I try and watch all the games that I've got a bet on, but yesterday I decided not to. I could have, since DirectTV offers the MLB package for free for the first week of baseball. But instead I only watched the Cubs game and then chilled in the living room with my family watching old family videos the whole afternoon. It sure was better than stressing over a baseball game and shit.

So what I gathered from some old family videos is that apparently I was a huge fan of Th Rock when I was like 10, because every five seconds I would turn to the camera and say "Do you smeeeeeeell, what the Rock is cooking!??" lol I couldn't stop cracking up, when I was watching that.

As I am writing this in the library at school, my friend Mack has approached me looking to gamble. He's asked me if I want to do a $20 coin flip. Hm...sure I feel like gambling. He takes tails, I've got heads.

Coin is in the air....Heads! Ship the $20!

Now my guy Furcio wants some action. He also wants a $20 coin flip. Damn it, I could say no and walk away a $20 winner, but that's not how I roll. Flip that shit, lol.

I've got tails this time. He's got heads. Coin is in the air....tails! Boom, ship another $20.

LOL, sweet. two minutes ago I was calmly writing my blog and now I'm $40 richer. It's how we do it at Northside!

Anyway, back to the blog. Yea, so I've got a couple of baseball plays that I've placed already and a couple of more that I'll probably place later tonight.

I'm also going to go with Memphis tonight in the Championship game, even though I don't know shit about College Hoops. Seems like the public is on Kansas so let's fade. I haven't placed the bet for Memphis yet but I'll do it as soon as I get to work and hope that I get a good line.


Chicago -0.5

San Diego -0.5

Yankees -1.5

Memphis -1.5


Day Record: 3-1

Day Profit:

Total Record: 16-18-0

Bankroll: $192.52

Total Profit: -$7.48 (-1.49 Units)


vtn said...

nice picks.

The Hero said...

Damn you are a true gambler!! LOL.