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Friday, April 18, 2008

Tired Much?

Last night the Rockies and Padres played 22 innings of baseball with the game finally coming to an end around 3AM Eastern time.

So what better teams to fade tonight than those two, who should be dog tired and with huge bullpen problems. If it were a day game, I would make each one of the games two units, but I'll stick to the conservative side and bet only one unit on each game.

I only had one play yesterday because I didn't really like much on the board. I was watching the Cubs v. Reds game and for pure degenerate and entertainment purposes I wagered one unit on No Score in the 1st Inning at even money and I managed to hit that.


Houston Astros -0.5

Arizona Diamondbacks -1.5


Day Record: 1-1

Day Profit: +$2.00

Total Record: 29-34-0

Bankroll: $176.43

Total Profit: -$23.57 (-4.7 Units)

1 comment:

vtn said...

thanks man. gl.

i added cubs and ducks yesterday on impulse picks. cost me a positive day.