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Monday, April 14, 2008

The Prestige

DirectTV decided to give me 3 months of free movie channels so I saw a few good movies this past weekend but the one that completely blew me away was The Prestige. I'd heard a few good things about it but had never gotten around to actually watching it until I caught a late night airing of it on Starz Friday night.

It began with a slow and somewhat confusing pace thanks to its nonlinear narrative structure, but once you get into it all the pieces fall into place and what's left is truly a remarkable film. Not only was the acting superb, but the plot storyline was what made the movie for me. Don't want to spoil anything but that crazy twist at the end just had me in awe.

I really haven't enjoyed a movie as much as I enjoyed The Prestige, and I can't wait to watch it again because it's one of those movies that you can enjoy the second time around because you know the plot holes that had you scratching your head the first time around.

I hear the similarly themed film The Illusionist with Edward Norton is quite good as well so I might check that one out in the near future.

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