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Monday, April 28, 2008

Fuck You Mr. Yucateco

Last night I had a burger with an obscene amount of this hellish yet delicious hot sauce, and this morning I feel like there’s little people in my stomach with flame throwers or some shit. And I also seem to have the symptoms of a heavy hang over despite the fact that I haven't gotten wasted since god knows when. So my best friend this morning is a big ass bottle of Gatorade and some Pepto-Bismol if the stomach problems persist.

Anyway, so this past weekend was a pretty swingy weekend as far as gambling goes. Thursday a couple of my friends and I hit up the charity casino up at the Holiday Inn in Skokie. The session itself was quite the rollercoaster. I found myself down early then ninja'd my way up to even and was on the plus side for a while before having a whopping $200 downswing in the last hour or so. I played about a 5 hour session and I definitely felt like I played my best poker during the first couple of hours. After that, I just don’t know what it was but I felt myself not being able to concentrate and that’s when $200 downswing showed it’s ugly self.

My two friends got ass raped within the first hour of play. Peter bought in so short stacked that he was basically waiting for a hand to push all in with, which is obviously not a good strategy at a cash game. He ended up running AK into AA and went busto in the hand along with the $30 I'd staked him.

My guy Alex aka Furcio didn't fare much better. I told him the 1/2NL game was soft and there was no need to bluff away any chips but 10 hands into our sessions he bluffs half his stack to this old dude. He proceeded to lose the rest of his stack with bluffs that Stevie Wonder himself could have spotted a mile away.

After he busted, he railed me for a while and then left.


Friday night I managed to win $100 in blackjack at work and was feeling pretty good about it. Then Saturday night I had to work again, and by 7:00 pm, I'd already lost $75. I made a small comeback and was down only $50 and ready to call it a night as far as gambling was concerned. But then I went on a huge rush of cards playing $5 hands of blackjack against Furcio and I got back to $100. Combined with some coin flips and bets on a couple of soccer matches with this dude, I finished the weekend with a +$115 net profit with workplace gambling.


I also got back to sports betting a bit. Won a nice parlay and then lost one unit in the Cubs game yesterday. Right now I have $5 tied up in a 3 leg parlay. Toluca beat Tecos yesterday for the 1st leg of the parlay so now I just need Orlando and Boston to win straight up tonight. If they do, then my bankroll will stand at around $186 and if not then $175, which is still pretty decent given the fact that I'd dipped as low as $150 a week or so ago. I'll go through my bets and update my record later today.

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