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Monday, April 14, 2008

Midnight Madness

I haven't played online poker in almost a month but I'm running for a guy on FCP in the Midnight Madness on Full Tilt, which starts in about an hour, so I'll keep a running blog of how I do. Hopefully by the end of this post I'm, $2,500 richer although I wouldn't count on it, lol.

But seriously,I really want to run well in this tournament although I have no outright strategy as of right now. Just play ABC poker and try not to gamble too much in the early levels. There's also a last longer prize pool with 6 other FCPers which pays top 3 so a strong finish even with out a cash can be rewarding. Anyway, it's 10:08 PM right now and the tournament starts at 11:00 PM. I'm still at work but waiting on my ride and I should be home by 10:30 with enough time to prepare to run deep in this bitch! Damn I'm pumped!

10:12 P.M.- Waiting for my ride home. Should be here any minute.

10:27 P.M.- Fuck, my ride just called telling me they're running late. Might have to miss the first few hands...not cool.

10:36 P.M.-Mega fuckin' tilting. Ride won't be here until midnight. Tournament starts in 20 minutes. I could start the tourney here at work and hope that by midnight I have a big enough cushion in my stack to afford my sitting out for 15 minutes when my ride gets here. I'm fucking pissed off right now. Was so pumped it to take this shit down!!!!

10:46 P.M.-I'm really considering unregistering man. Playing here at work doesn't seem like a good idea. A lot of distractions including bitches asking me to check stuff for them on Ebay. I'll decide whether to unregister or not in a couple of minutes.

10:58 P.M.-Fucking shit,I unregistered. Just made no sense to play right now. The Midnight Madness will be there tomorrow night and the night after that, lol.

Oh well, not even 11 P.M. yet and my dream of pwning this tourney's already been crushed!

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