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Friday, April 11, 2008

Big Money Friday

Didn't play any picks yesterday. Had a look at the board and there wasn't much that I liked so I passed. So yesterday I had to work and I mean actually fucking work instead of my usual job description of sitting on my ass all day answering phones.

This dude got in a fight with the manager over some retarded bullshit so we were a man short and I had to cover the register all night. Being on my feet all day is not my idea of fun. I came home tired as hell and just crashed. Good thing we had the day off school today because no one in this world could have woken me up at 6am if they'd tried.

Anyway, on to today's picks. I've got one wager already placed which is Cubs -0.5. I feel it's a strong play considering we got Big Z on the mound for us tonight. I've made this my 2 unit ($10) play of the night, so I'm really hoping I can cash it.

I'll be adding the rest of my plays a little later tonight.


Cubs -0.5 (-105)

Veracruz v. Puebla O2.5


Day Record: 0-2-0

Day Profit: -$15.50

Total Record: 18-25-0

Bankroll: $161.82

Total Profit: -$38.18 (-7.6 Units)

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