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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Let's Go Yankees!

Had a somewhat break even day last night going 4-3 but with only a $3 profit for the night. My late addition play of America v. River Over 2.5 was what bailed me out of a losing night. Man, that game was amazing. Definitely one of the best and most intense soccer matches I've seen in a while. The first half was somewhat slow, but the second half alone had a total of 6 goals!

It was such a weird match also, because America is essentially the worst Mexican team right now and River is the best team in the Argentinian league, yet somehow the Mexicans managed to pull away with an unexpected 4-3 victory.

Anyway I woke up super late today so I missed the chance to bet the afternoon baseball games. I'll just go with one play with the Yankees tonight. I also considered taking the Bulls +7 against the Cavs but decided to scratch it at the end.


NY Yankees -1.5 (+125).......................$5 to win $6.25


Record: 6-4-0

Bankroll: $207.23

Total Profit: +$7.23 (+1.4 Units)

1 comment:

vtn said...

nice pick. i got them also.

stupid phillies man, they messed up my perfect mlb record cause they didnt win by more than 1. they had 2nd n 3rd in the bot of the 7th with nobody outs and couldnt scratch.