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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Big Z

Most of the sharp money today is on the Brewers but I just can't bring myself to fade the Cubbies with Big Z on the mound. I'm not asking for another 19-5 slaughter by the Cubs. A 2-0 win would suit me just fine, lol. I might add a couple more baseball games later tonight.

Cubs -1.5

Texas -0.5

76ers +6.5

Pistons v. 76ers Under 178.5

*Impulse Bet*

Cubs v. Brewers Over 10.5

Just adding this last minute for half a unit.
So I guess a 2-0 will suit me no more!


Day Profit: -$1.78

Day Record: 2-3

Total Record: 39-53-0

Bankroll: $172.72

Total Profit: -$27.28 (-5.45 Units)

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