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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Home Game Report

Just got back from the home game a few minutes ago and it went alright, I guess. It was supposed to be a .25c/.50c cash game but only four people ended showing up including myself so we decided to play a couple of $10 winner take all freeze outs instead.

Out of the three other guys playing only the guy hosting the game seemed to be semi-decent. He was a cool guy and actually managed to call out my hands a couple of times. He says he used to go to law school with Vanessa Rousso and actually played a couple of home games with her.

Anyway the other two guys really had no idea what they were doing but I ended up losing to one of them when he had about a 3-1 chip lead in heads up play. On the first hand of HU, I go all in with 10 10 on the button and get called by A 9. The Ace fell on the river and good game me.

I ran better in the second freeze out where again I found myself heads up but this time it was me who had a commanding chip lead. It was a tough heads up battle though cause it was against the decent guy. I actually had him crushed in one hand where we got it all in with me holding Ks5x against his Js5x in a 3s 4s 6s board. So I was basically free rolling as the only way I could lose was if it came J J on the turn and river but he lucked out and we both hit the straight on the turn to chop the pot.

I finally took it down when I made the call from the small blind in the dark, bet the Ace high flop still in the dark and when my opponent moved all in I finally looked at my cards to discover an ace and had him almost drawing dead.

So overall a total profit of $20 which I can't complain about. It was fun and the guys were pretty cool. Hopefully we can get more people next week so we can play an actual cash game


So tomorrow a couple of my friends and I are hitting the $1/$2 tables at the charity casino. My guy Furcio has been wanting to go for a long time but he's been hesitant cause he is still 17. He'll be 18 in a month or so, but I guess he can't wait that long for his first live poker experience. He should be okay tomorrow though because they rarely card me when I go and when they do card me it's at the cage when I'm buying chips but not when I'm at the table. So the plan is for me to buy the chips for him and then once he sits down, they'll just assume he already got carded.

My other guy Peter didn't want to go because he's not much of a gambler. I finally offered to stake 30% of his action to convince him to go.

I really want to have a good session and just hope to play some good solid poker. I plan on trying to pick up on a lot of betting patterns by my opponents and use that to my advantage.


vtn said...

nice, gl. any plays you like today?

The Hero said...

Four man home games rule.