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Thursday, January 31, 2008

1st Royal

I managed to hit my first ever royal flush today. It as crazy too because I was down to 110 in chips in a Stars 4.40 but I managed to double up a couple times and I got up to 955. Then the Royal hit.

Then the hand right after this I get hit with Aces!

PokerStars Game #14957448174: Tournament #75807115, $4.00+$0.40 Hold'em No Limit - Level II (15/30) - 2008/01/31 - 12:36:53 (ET)
Table '75807115 7' 9-max Seat #2 is the button
Seat 1: Shorty83 (2840 in chips)
Seat 2: jiuhjiuh (1699 in chips)
Seat 3: Danilo1973 (4915 in chips)
Seat 5: CrookedLink (1955 in chips)
Seat 6: AniD (940 in chips)
Seat 7: boeksma (2200 in chips) is sitting out
Seat 8: dbc1984 (1670 in chips) is sitting out
Seat 9: DorkyOne (7536 in chips)
Danilo1973: posts small blind 15
CrookedLink: posts big blind 30
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to CrookedLink [Ac Ah]
CrookedLink said, "WEEEEEEEEE"
AniD: folds
boeksma: folds
dbc1984: folds
DorkyOne: folds
CrookedLink said, "1ST ROYAL"
AniD said, "raise hell! go all in and hit a royal haha"
AniD said, "nh"
Shorty83: folds
jiuhjiuh: folds
Danilo1973: calls 15
CrookedLink said, "and the sick thing is now i have aces"
CrookedLink said, "lol"
CrookedLink: raises 90 to 120
Danilo1973: calls 90
*** FLOP *** [8d 8c Td]
Danilo1973: bets 300
CrookedLink: raises 1535 to 1835 and is all-in
Danilo1973: calls 1535
AniD said, "lol"
*** TURN *** [8d 8c Td] [As]
*** RIVER *** [8d 8c Td As] [9c]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Danilo1973: shows [Tc 2d] (two pair, Tens and Eights)
CrookedLink: shows [Ac Ah] (a full house, Aces full of Eights)
CrookedLink collected 3910 from pot
CrookedLink said, "dey never beleive me"
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 3910 | Rake 0
Board [8d 8c Td As 9c]
Seat 1: Shorty83 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 2: jiuhjiuh (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 3: Danilo1973 (small blind) showed [Tc 2d] and lost with two pair, Tens and Eights
Seat 5: CrookedLink (big blind) showed [Ac Ah] and won (3910) with a full house, Aces full of Eights
Seat 6: AniD folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 7: boeksma folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 8: dbc1984 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 9: DorkyOne folded before Flop (didn't bet)

lol Notice how I actually told the table I had aces, and they didn't believe me...tsk tsk,

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Three Seconds

No, not seconds as in time. Seconds as in 2nd place finishes. I played 3 SnGs tonight and managed to place 2nd in all three. Two on Full Tilt and one on Stars. I would have obviously liked to win at least one of them, but I can't complain with 3 straight cashes.

I'm still looking for a partner for the February $4.40 challenge on FCP but I haven't found one yet. I guess I'll have to fly solo. I was thinking about whether I'm going to pony up the $50 buy-in straight from my bankroll, although it's really not something I'd like to do. $50 would put a huge dent on my roll right now. So I think what I'll do instead is deposit another $50 on Stars just to buy into the challenge, but use my roll to play the $4.40s. Just makes more sense to me that way.


So this 2nd semester at school is going to be real tough since I did kinda shitty the first semester. Had a talk with my counselor this morning and we went over what I need to pass, which is basically all my classes. No room for errors anymore. Gotta get serious about this school shit so I don't have to hit the books during the summer. Passing all my classes is definitely doable; I just gotta start showing up.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Monkey Off My Back

Man, hadn't gone so long without cashing in a single table SnG on Stars, but I finally managed to take one down just now.

As I showed on my Sharkscope stats on my previous blog, I had gone 4 SnGs without cashing, plus 2 more tonight for a total of 6. Obviously I get tilted to the max when my pocket 9s run into Aces on the 6th one, that I figured I'd try one last one for the night except I made it a $13 dollar one, double my usual stake.

I've gotta say, hands down, the difficulty level between a $6 and a $13 SnG is huge! And I began to notice it as soon as the tourney started. On the $6 dollar one, usually about 10 minutes in you've already got a couple of guys eliminated, and a guy who is super short stacked just waiting to push. But on the $13 one, the playing field remained so close and it took a while before the first guy busted.

I however did stick to my usual approach of playing real tight aggressive poker and it paid off once again. Once it got down to 4 handed the stacks were so even that I kinda had to start playing more hands though, otherwise the blinds were going to get to me. I managed to get my money all in with AdQd against 10s10c and the beautiful lady hit on the flop and it held up. From there it was only a couple of hands until we got to heads up.

We started HU with me about 3k to my opponents 6k but first hand of heads up I get pocket tens on the button and make a standard raise to 300. Guy insta shoves and I call. He shows QJ and I somehow hold up. From there it was just a bit of blind stealing until he was so short stacked he pushed with J8 and I genuinely felt my Q9 was good so I made the call. A queen hit on the flop but he had a flush draw which I thought I would vomit if he managed to hit it. Thankfully he didn't and I took it down for a cool $46, and a huge confidence booster.

So I managed to make up the losses for the bad run I'd been having on Stars and coupled with the earlier SnG I won on Full Tilt, I got a nice boost to my roll. Obviously not the way I wanted to do it, because more often than not, going up in stakes to chase losses will make me go bust, but I just gotta feel good about the win and make sure I don't have such a shitty run of SnGs again.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Runner Runner

Well the weekend came and went, and so did my Bodog roll. I'll be the first to say that my "All In" move was pretty moronic because it was a $48 bet, which was more than enough to try and grind it out but I just kept getting frustrated with how I was running lately with sports. I would either have a horrible day, or just a break even at best. I kept waiting for that breakthrough day that would push me into the green, but it just never came, and I let it overwhelm me a bit too much. So I let it all ride on the Pachuca game. They obviously lost 3-2 and now my sports betting grind has come to a sudden end.

I do regret tilting away the money like that, but also, sports betting was really distracting me from my poker game lately, something I did not want to happen. So will I stop the sports betting and play poker exclusively? Probably not, but I will put more emphasis on my poker game and only bet a couple of games a week.

Yesterday was a roller coaster day as far as poker goes. I won a couple of HU matches, but on one of them, I must have sucked out like a dozen times on the guy. I kept putting my money in with the worst hand and kept sucking out. I swear, I felt sorry for the guy, cause I would hae probably kicked my computer if that was me. A couple of times I caught runner runner to stay alive when I should have been all but gone.

So later at night, when I busted in 3 straight 6 man SnGs, I couldn't feel too bad, because I can't exactly be a suck out machine and then get pissed when someone else sucks out on me. (lol that sounds kinda gross)

Thankfully this morning I was able to win an $5 6 max SnG to help recuperate the losses from late last night. I noticed that whenever I seem to be running extremely well on Full Tilt Poker, I seem to be running horrible in Stars, and vice versa. Seems kinda weird but true, and I've got the sharkscope stats to prove it!


Full Tilt Poker:

So it's pretty evident that I've been way more consistent on Full Tilt lately than Stars, but about a week or so ago, that wasn't the case at all. It was the complete opposite.

I've also managed to stay away from cash games for the most part which I think has helped me tremendously. I'll keep grinding out the SnGs instead. Right now my total online bankroll stands around $265.

$114 is on Full Tilt and $151 is on Stars. Last time I deposited was 2 weeks ago. My initial deposit on Full Tilt was $50 and Stars was $93. So over a couple of weeks my net profit has been $122, if my monkey math is any good.

Not spectacular and not baller money by any means, but I think this is the first time in my online playing that I've been able to notice a real consistent progress in my bankroll, and staying away from cash games has a great deal to do with it in my opinion.

I'm going to continue to make the short handed SnGs my main source of income, with a few $4.40s now and then, since that's what's been working. We'll see how it goes.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm All In

Just one play for the all in move.

Pachuca +150

Friday, January 25, 2008

NBA Blowout

I've had such bad luck with NBA games, but tonight it's the turnaround night. I can feel it!

Actually no I can't, but let's hope it is.

Suns -2

Grizzlies +8

Bucks +10

76ers +3

Lakers +7

Bobcats +4

Nets +9

Kings +8

Blazers -2.5

Suns v. Cavs U(212)

Atlas -143

Thursday, January 24, 2008

College Hoops

Well last night's huge card went 6-8-1, with the NBA games fucking me over. So I'll stick to college picks exclusive tonight, courtesy of the Paper Chaser from

Rider -11

Utah St. -10.5

Wisc.-Milwaukee -8

South Alabama -12.5

Boise St. -11



I know I said I wouldn't play poker online yesterday, but since I didn't feel like driving to the casino, I jumped in a Stars 4.40 instead, and managed to Final Table it. Finished up in 4th place for $60.

I was one double up away from having a clear shot at winning the whole thing but I got it all in with my K10 v. 77 and even though my 10 hit on the flop, he caught a runner runner straight. It's all good though. Still feels good to finish deep.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The More the Merrier

Huge Card tonight. Let's hope for the best, lol. Way more games than I should be betting on a single night, but eh, what the hell.

Angola (Pick)

SM Caen +100

Everton (Pick)

Memphis -14

UAB -13.5

Drexel -3

Towson St -6

NC Wilmington -3.5

Indiana St -8.6

Kings -3

Lakers +8

Pacers +4

Magic -3

Wizards +4

Trailblazers +8

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Suck At Poker


Couple of days ago I was winning every race, my monster hands were holding up, and I was playing some excellent poker. And today, the total opposite. I busted in 6th in like 3 SnGs and dropped 2 Buy ins on cash games. Then played a 4.40 on Stars where my Tens ran into Jacks and I busted out in like 70th. I staked four guys from FCP on the 4.40 I was playing and only one managed to Final Table it and finished in 6th for $36, $18 of which came to me which basically only helped me break even with the stakes. I think I'll take a break from online for a bit so I don't tilt my whole roll. I do plan on going to a home game tomorrow though. Last time I went I made almost $300 so hopefully I run well again. If the game gets canceled for whatever reason then I'll hit up the Casino.


Anyway, on to sports. Fuckin' Nets killed my night. And I played them a little heavier than usual because it was the only play on the RX system. (Which is now 31-9-1.) I really should have just played them for the same amount as my other bets, but oh well.

Westerlo (Pick)

Bristol Rovers (Pick)

Wake Forest +12

Air Force -9

2 Team Teaser
-Suns -3.5
-Nets +11.5

Nets +6

Monday, January 21, 2008

Hoops on MLK

A lot of early games today which hopefully translate into some early money. A couple of my plays today are based on a system I found at the RX that is 29-8-1 on the year. Can't really argue with results, so we'll see how it goes.

Pistons -2.5

Mavericks -3.5

Cavaliers -3

2 Team Teaser
-Celtics -3
-Hornets -5.5

Rockets v. Sonics 1H Over (98.5)

Bulls +1

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tough Packers Loss

Man that game was pretty awesome. Technically I ended up losing only $25 with them because the $200 dollar bet I talked about last time was with money that was owed to me for some web design work I did for the guy, so although it's money lost, it didn't hurt as much since I don't have to actually pay the $200.

But the loss still hurt because the Packers had so many chances to put the game away. But oh well, the best team ended up winning as Eli had a hell of a game and I'll definitely be rooting for them against the Patriots in the Super Bowl, even though they have little to no chance of actually beating them.

Here's the plays I had today:

4 Team Parlay
-Inter Milan

2 Team Teaser
-New England Patriots -8
-Green Bay Packers -2


I haven't talked about poker in a while but I've actually been having some success online lately.My bread and butter have been short handed single table SnGs. I've played quite a few of them in the last couple of weeks and running pretty well in them. Each one of them plays so similarly to each other that I've kinda adopted a very basic and robotic strategy that's been working. I've just played very tight in the first couple of levels and wait til' at least two people have been eliminated. Then, look for a spot to double up and then just cruise to the money by not getting involved in big pots.

Like I said, it's been working pretty effectively and I'll continue to play a bunch of them on Full Tilt. I wanna start playing more 4.40s on Stars and FCP is starting a new 4.40 challenge in February so I think I might give that a shot.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sabado Futbolero

I really hate betting on soccer games with straight moneylines because a draw equals a loss and since roughly 30% of all soccer matches end up in a draw, this is definitely -EV. So today I planned on opening an account on BetUS simply because they offer point spreads in most soccer matches, something Bodog rarely does. But turns out Bodog did end up posting point spreads for the matches I wanted to bet on today. And it helped big time, otherwise I would have lost my two parlays. Instead, one of the games in my English Soccer parlay pushed, but I still made a bit of profit, and in my second parlay, two of the games pushed, so I didn't make much of a profit there, but at least I got my money back.

As for the other two picks, Chivas killed Pumas 3-0 so that was an easy win, and Santos and Cruz Azul finished 1-1. The Detroit play was a last minute rushed decision that I shouldn't have made.

So anyway, again, if I'd done straight moneyline bets, today would have been a horrible day, but thanks to Bodog deciding to put up point spread lines, I managed a small profit for the night.

Anyway, yesterday went to work and made $120 in blackjack, which feels pretty good. And I've got some big money riding on the Packers tomorrow against the Giants. This guy actually bet me $200 giving me the Packers WITHOUT ME LAYING ANY POINTS! Just a straight win by the Packers and I collect. Even if the Packers somehow lose, I'd still take this bet every single time.


3 Team Parlay

-Chelsea -500
-Manchester United -275
-Newcastle United -300

Chivas -105

Santos Laguna -111

Pistons -7

3 Team Parlay
-San Luis -210
-Pachuca -90
-Atlante -350

Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Plays

Last night was "decent" at best. I mean I'll take a 4-3 day over an 0 for Sixer, any day but a couple of those games that I lost last night should have been winners. Oh well, can't complain to much. I've gotten an early start today with some basketball plays along with a half a unit on a soccer parlay (I know I said no more parlays, but I couldn't resist.) Anyway, I'll be adding a couple of more plays later tonight probably, so I'll post those later as well.

3 Team Parlay
-Le Havre -225
-Fayenoord -270
-Hartlepool Utd. -137

Golden State Warriors (Pick)

Blazers -5

Hawks +7

Sonics +7

Pistons -9

Veracruz +120

4 Team Parlay
-Wizards -400
-Hornets -550
-Pistons -600
-Jazz -600

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Comeback Night

Day at the casino went horrible yesterday. Started pretty good when I won a nice pot on my second hand of the night with pocket Kings, but nothing came after that, so I ended up down one buy in ($200). I was going to stay and try to win my money back, but I chose not to because I was just going to steam my money away at the table.

So I came home and I logged on to Bodog trying to make a deposit. Then I see that the Credit Card option isn't under my deposit methods anymore which I find kind of strange because I just deposited with my card a couple of days ago. So I call them up and after being on hold for a good 10 minutes, I get this lady who asks me if I've ever had any problems with any other online betting site. I say no, and she says are you sure? At this point I'm like wtf is this shit. She tells me that another website contacted them saying they've had a problem with me in the past. I ask her which site and she tells me I explain to her that I don't even have an account with them, and after a bit more persuasion she finally lets me do the deposit over the phone.

I soon as I get off the phone with Bodog I call and I explain the situation. I tell them I've never even opened an account with them before and after he does a search on his database he tells me that Bodog is wrong and they never contacted them about me. Then for the next 10 minutes this guy goes into a sales pitch about how I shouldn't take this bullshit from Bodog, and how I should switch to them. Blah blah blah, no thanks buddy.

Anyway, that was that. On to tonight's picks. I've got a few, one of which I lost earlier this morning, but I like the way the rest of my card is looking for tonight. Hopefully I have some good results.

Napoli ML (-120)

Washington -2.5

Wright State +4

Tenn Chatt +5

Phx Suns -2.5

Utha Jazz +2.5

Lakers v. Suns Under 109 (2H)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Starting Fresh...

Man, was last night brutal or what? 0-6 on the day's picks. And it sucks even more because I bet more than I should have on each play. The way the games turned out sucks too. I mean, how the hell did the Suns manage to lose outright. And why the fuck did the Warriors have to foul when they were up so big with less than a minute left. I figured at least my Bulls teaser would work, with them getting 11.5 points, but nope.

Oh well, not much left to do but start over. I think I'm going back to the system I had last time where I did strict $5 straight bets with no teasers or parlays. Actually maybe I will have an occasional teaser if I see any value in it. So, I'm taking the day off sports betting and starting fresh tomorrow.

Instead I'm going to go play some poker tonight at Rockford Charitables. Gonna play some $1/$2NL and hope I run good.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

NBA Tuesday

I started off the day horribly with a couple of soccer plays, so I'm laying some major action into some Basketball games tonight. This are way more plays than I usually do in a single night, but eh, what the hell. Hopefully they work out.

FC Barcelona -1

3 Game Parlay: Liverpool, Norwich City & Juventus

Golden State Warriors -8

Phoenix Suns -8

2 Game Teaser : Chicago Bulls +11.5 & Golden State Warriors -3

3 Team Parlay: Detroit Pistons. Golden State Warriors & Houston Rockets

Monday, January 14, 2008

Today Was A Good Day

Over the weekend I used some of the money I won in last week's home game to load up my online accounts. I threw $50 on Full Tilt, $50 on Bodog (for sports betting exclusively. no casino or poker!) and $100 on Stars, although the Epassporte Fees are ridiculously high so it was actually $93 that ended up on Stars.

Anyway, things went pretty good today. I won a 6 man SnG in the morning, on Full Tilt, went 2-1 on some soccer picks in the afternoon and chopped for 1st prize on one of the FCP WSOP events I wasn't even going to play.

I was at work browsing the FCP forums, when I decided to register for the $5 NLHE event. I was really hesitant to do so because if work got too busy I was going to have to keep constantly sitting out and possibly get blinded off.

Well thankfully, work was pretty slow, so I didn't have to sit out to often although I had to play extra aggressive to try to accumulate chips early. Anyway, I ran pretty good for the most part, and heading into the Final Table I was a HUGE chip leader with over 14k and the average around 5k. It got down to four handed pretty quickly but then things got stalled for a bit, as no one wanted to be the bubble boy. I'd been sitting pretty comfortably in the chip lead position for a long time until a couple of hands had me in danger of busting out. Hand number 1 I ended up trying to bully the shorter stacks by pushing all in with 22 and got called by AJ An ace hit on the turn and I was down to 10k. Very next hand, I get 22 again, and I was tilting a bit so I reraised all in after someone had made a small raise. This time my deuces held up, and I was back up to 20k and in the money! Wasn't too long before it got to HU after I busted one guy with my AK v his A3.

Me and the other guy decided to just chop the 1st and 2nd place money and play for the "bracelet." lol it was an intense HU battle because both of us kept getting crippled and then making huge comebacks. But in the end, I ran my Q 10 into K10 and gg me. I gotta say, even though we split the money, ($107) it still hurt a bit not being able to take it down. But it sure was hell a fun, and huge for my game confidence. All in an event I wasn't even planning to play!


Ok so enough of the poker stuff. Now to some sports betting action. Like I said, I went 2-3 in some rushed picks I made in the morning before leaving for school. And then I had a couple more plays tonight, one of which I already lost (NHL). I'm going to keep a record of my picks, but not of my bankroll because I'm not following any set unit amount this time around. I'll mostly go on feel.

Leeds United -130

2 Team Parlay Bochum -130 & Borussia -225

Crew v. Leeds United Over (2.5)

New York Rangers +130

Sonics +6

Lakers v. Sonics Under (208)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Home Game Report

Just got back from a home game, and I gotta say I'm feeling pretty great with the way things turned out. It was a game that took a couple of months to set up but today it finally came together. My guy Furcio picked me up around 6:00pm and we got there by 7pm. We were the first ones there so we chilled a bit til' more people started showing up. Cards were in the air probably around 7:30.

The game was originally supposed to be $.50/$1 NL Hold em' but a guy wanted to incorporate some Omaha in there so we alternated between two rounds of Hold em and one of Omaha. I wasn't too happy to be playing Omaha, because I hate the game with a passion, but it turned out to give me my biggest pots of the night. First big pot came when I flopped trip kings and two players moved all in before me. Holy shit, I had no idea what to do to be honest because I suck at reading Omaha hands. Anyway I called and the turn paired the board so it gave me a winning full house, kings full of nines. Other two guys had something like Fives full, and a flush. So that triple up was huge for me, probably the biggest pot I've ever played. Then from there, I just got a lot more comfortable with Omaha and made some nice plays and kept building my stack. Hold em' was good to be as well, and I ended up busting my friend Furcio for the night when he pushed all in on a AAX board and I had AQ. Turns out he had A7.

So the game began breaking up around 11:30 and I cashed out for $373, which was a $273 profit for the night. Bubble gum change for high rollers, but this was HUGE for me.

Now I'm home, tired as hell, but I can't go to sleep cause I gotta catch up on some homework.

I might go to the Charity Casino tomorrow, but I'm not sure yet.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Nine to Fivin'

Actually, where I work is more like 4pm-1am. I'm at work right now and I'm pretty tired. I didn't go to sleep until 10 am this morning, mainly because me and a bunch of FCP guys were donking it up in a play monet table on Stars. lol It was too funny, but now I'm stuck 160k.

Anyway, back to my job. I gotta say I love it here. I've been here for a little over three years now and the pay isn't the best, but I can't complain considering I don't do shit. My job consist of getting here at 4pm, punching in, cleaning tables, taking out the trash, and then sitting down with my laptop browsing the internet for the rest of the night. An occasional call might come in and I'll go answer the phone, take the order, and sit back down.

That's during the weekdays anyway. On Fridays work is a little busier, but it's also more fun because that's when all the gambling goes on. lol You know you're underpaid when you make more money in a day gambling than working.

Anyway, in the future I obviously intend to get a real job, but for now, this place has been just fine for me. It's supported my gambling ways so far anyway. I mentioned a few months ago that this guy who plans on buying the pizza place offered me a managerial position, but now I'm not so sure if I really want it.

Haha, so I have no idea why I just went on a total ramble about my job. Maybe because I have nothing else to yap about at the moment. I was suppose to go play cards today at the Casino but I forgot to ask someone to cover for me here at work. Oh well. I do plan on hitting up a home game in Oak Park sometime next week. Alright, that's all for now. I'm out!

ps:I busted my miniroll on Stars. Details to come.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


A guy on the FCP forums came up with an excellent idea earlier today to hold a series of tournaments exclusively for FCP members that mirror the events at the WSOP. Within a couple of hours and with the help and input of some of the guys he devised a schedule that looks somewhat promising. A lot of people aren't happy with it basically because a lot of the events are during work and school hours but the guy tried to accommodate everyone as best he could so for that I give him props. Anyway, here's what the schedule looks like:

Day 1: (Monday, January 14th 2008)
Event #1: Fixed Limit 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo: $10(3PM EST)
Event #2: Pot Limit Omaha: $5(5PM EST)
Event #3: No Limit Hold'Em: $5(7PM EST)

Day 2: (Tuesday, January 15th 2008)
Event #4: Fixed Limit 7 Card Stud: $10 (3PM EST)
Event #5: Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo: $10 (6PM EST)
Event #6: Limit Hold'Em: $5(8PM EST)

Day 3:(Wednesday, January 16th 2008)
Event #7: Razz: $5(4PM EST)
Event #8: Pot Limit Omaha H/L: $5(6PM EST)
Event #9: Fixed Limit Hold'Em: $10(8PM EST)

Day 4: (Thursday, January 17th 2008)
Event #10: Fixed Limit 7 Card Stud: $5(5PM EST)
Event #11: Pot Limit Hold'Em: $10(7PM EST)
Event #12: No Limit Hold'Em: $10 (9PM EST)

Day 5: (Friday, January 18th 2008)
Event #13: No Limit Heads-up matches:$5(3PM EST)
Event #14: Pot Limit Omaha: $10(6PM EST)
Event #15: H.O.R.S.E: $10(8PM EST)

Day 6: (Saturday, January 19th 2008)
Event #16: No Limit Hold'em (Main Event): $30(1PM EST)

DAY 7: (Sunday, January 20th 2008)
Event #17: Tournament Of Champions H.O.R.S.E: $20(6PM EST)

The highlighted ones are the events I'll be playing for sure, but I'm going to miss a bunch that I would love to play, because of school and work. Maybe I'll get someone to work for me so I can make the $10 H.O.R.S.E. So hopefully we have a good turn out and I'm really looking forward to it.


Today I woke up around 5pm and only because my mom woke me up with her vacuuming. It's so weird to wake up that late, but its been fun. lol I kinda lost track of what day it was and I kinda panicked thinking I was going to be super late for work, as I thought it was Thursday. Anyway, I haven't been doing much, just browsing forums and what not. I played some poker online, and essentially what I did is transfer the $10 I had on Full Tilt over to Pokerstars. lol It wasn't a voluntary transfer though. See, I lost about 5 dollars of my Tilt money on a .5c/.10c game so I was steaming a bit and decided to play a 4man HU shootout. Lost that, so I tried another one and lost again, so my Full Tilt money was gone. lol So I think to myself "Ok, now all I gotta do is win a $10 HU match on Stars, and I'll feel much better, lol which I ended up doing. I know it's really foolish of me, but eh, whatever, I'm going to be depositing soon anyway for the FCP WSOP events.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Nice Way To Start The Year...

Damn, its been a while since my last blog. Feels like it was last year that I last wrote in here....haha yea I'm funny. Well, this might be a bit of a long update because there's been a few things going on.

I guess I'll start off with the sports betting. That's over and done with and mainly because I lost a bit of interest as I began to get back into poker more and more so I ended up using the Sports Betting roll on Bodog playing poker. I felt kinda guilty about it, because the whole point of the sports betting was to keep myself as disciplined as possible to try to make my roll grow. But I guess after I went on the negative for my overall picks, my interest just drifted.

I do however plan on getting back to it in the very near future. I'd like to keep poker and sports betting completely separate which is why I don't plan on playing poker on Bodog ever again, not to mention that their interface sucks anyway.

So, besides sports betting, I've won a little bit of money gambling at work. Last Friday was an exceptionally good day as I ran like insanely good in blackjack. I beat my guy Furcio like 15 hands in a row. Then we did some coinflips and I was up to like $120. Then I decide for some reason to do some stupid bets like, who ever is the next person to say "fuck" they gotta pay the other person $5. lol so it hadn't even been like a minute after the bet started, that Furcio asks me "Wait, so when is the bet off?" and I'm like "Until one of us fucks up." D'oh! there goes 5 bucks. lol so we did it again and this time Furcio is the one to fuck up when he drops an F bomb, trying to explain to one of the cooks that he fucked up in an order or some shit like that.

The fuck thing starts getting old so we switch it up to whomever says "like." lol fortunately for me, Furcio was trying to teach me how to play Rummy 500 so he said "like" almost 4 times, so I was up to $145 but gave some of it back at the end of the night in Conquian and Blackjack.

Besides gambling at work I also visited the Charity Casino to play a bit of poker. I got there around 6:30 but it was so busy I didn't end up getting a seat til around 7:30. Sat at a $1/$2 with $200 hoping this session would go a little better than the last one, where I lasted for about 15 minutes. I felt alot more comfortable this time around though, mainly because I wasn't so short stacked like last time, so it gave me a bit of room to make some moves. I was playing fairly tight but I still managed to lose a couple of big pots and before I knew it I was down $140. So with only $60ish on front of me I was ready to just cut my losses but I figured I might as well lose it all lol, so I went crazy and began playing very loose and aggressive, and it somehow seemed to work. I managed to double up when my AJ held in a Axx board against another guy's A7 with a flush draw. Then I picked up another pot when I raised in early position with 7s2s. lol yea, I was steaming. So i raise it up to 10 and get 3 callers. Flop comes all low cards with 2 spades and I immediately move all in for my last $50 or so and everyone folds. Yea real donkish of me but I didn't care at that point. Anyway, after I check raise another guy trying to bluff me off another big pot, I was finally on the positive and decided to call it a night around 11:00 with a $42 profit.

I gotta say it was a really fun session with some fun people at the table. I'll probably be frequenting the casino a bit more often, especially this month because most of the events aren't too far away.

Besides that session, I hadn't really played any poker at all this past couple of weeks so I was thinking of depositing some money online. Then one of the FCP guys decides to stake me in a $5 Omaha H/L tourney on Full Tilt and I somehow final table the damn thing. lol I just couldn't believe it because I'd never played Omaha H/L in my life. I got lucky a few times and just kept building chips tilt I was chip leader with about 30 people left. Stayed that way til a couple of hands before the final table, where I took a couple of big hits and all of a sudden I was short stacked at the final table. Ended up busting in 9th, but all things considered, 9/161 isn't to bad for a game I know nothing about.

So I was feeling pretty good about that final table, and then I also got staked in a Stars $4.40 and managed to final table that as well. Came to the final table kinda short stacked but I managed to double up a couple of times and I was in decent position to take it down. Then this ultra donk who kept pushing every other hand pushed with 9 2 and I called with my AJ. He rivered the damn 2 and gg me. Placed 6th.

So 2 Final Tables to welcome the New Year, I gotta say feels real good. And now I have a mini roll to work with so I don't have to deposit just yet.

Man, I've got to say I've really enjoyed the break so far. I've been a real bum going to sleep at 8am and waking at around 5 or 6pm. It's gonna suck going back to school, that's why I gotta take advantage of these last few days left on my break.

As far as New Year's resolutions go, I really don't have any. What's the point? Probably won't keep up with any of them, but I really hope this is my break out year in poker and hopefully I can get that big Cash I've hoped for. Aside from that, you know, same old, good health for me and my family and all that stuff.