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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thank You Mr. Harrington

Yesterday I dropped $16 during lunch hour to my guy Furcio. It was a combination of me running bad in blackjack and him being a luckbox in Blast. So $16, not a lot but I was steaming because I'd been running so good against him the last couple of weeks. I hadn't lost more than $10 to him in a long time.

So after school we went to pick up our paychecks and then to the post office to mail something. On our way out of the post office we began to do $5 coin flips and in the short walk from the post office doors to the car, I was down an additional $20, lol. Now down $36, I was really beginning to get pissed about how bad I was running.

So I notice that he has a deck of cards in his car (as any self-respecting gambler should) and on the drive to the mall we begin to play $5 hands of blackjack at red lights. Yea, that's how fucking degenerate we are. So I manage to stop the bleeding and win back the $20 that I'd just lost

Then after the mall, on the walk back to the car we start talking about poker, since we're hitting up the casino tomorrow. Anyway, I don't know what exactly we were discussing but then he says something like:

"Oh yea dude Dan Harrington was talking about something like that in his new cash games book. He said you should only move up in limits when your bankroll can afford it. Like, don't be ashamed to be playing .10c/.25c at your local casino if that's all you can afford"

"You mean online, not local casino"

"No dude, he said local casino"

"LOL a casino would never run a live .10c/.25c poker game"

"Well, that's what Harrington said on the book man"

"Dude, I will bet you any amount of money you want, that the book does not say that and I haven't even read the book"

"Are you serious dude. You'd make that bet knowing that I already read the book"

"Absolutely. Listen to what your saying man. Why in the world would a casino run a poker game at those stakes. Do you not realize casinos profit from poker tables through the rake of each pot?"

"Ok I'll bet you $20 dollars that's what the book said."

"Make it $50 if your so sure that's what you read"

"No fuck it. I don't want another Poker After Dark prop bet repeat (see 4/5/08 post), let's make it $15."

So we take a short drive to a Borders bookstore and what do you know, Mr. Harrington was talking about online poker all along.


Felt good to come back to even after being down $36 for the day although that had to have been the easiest $15 I've ever won.


Alright so anyway, a lot of poker action coming up today and tomorrow. I'm about to leave for a poker home game in a couple of hours. Small stakes .25c/.50c but I still want to come out on top at least one full buy in. It's with a bunch of dudes I don't know so we'll see how that goes.

And then tomorrow my guy Furcio and I and possible my other friend Peter or going to hit up the charity casino at the Holiday Inn in Skokie. We'll be playing $1/$2 and it's going to be their first time playing live poker in a casino so they're pumped up for it and I really hope I get a good session in as well.

I'll be back later tonight with the trip report to the home game and I'll also be updating my sports betting record which I've neglected for a little bit now.

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