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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Profit Day

What a gross day yesterday. Especially the Twins v. Tigers game. 6 runs int he bottom of the 8th for the Tigers. 6 fuckin' runs! So sick. And the Diamondbacks let the Giants make a late comeback as well. Nothing I can do but take it with stride and hope for some good results today.

Apart from my listed plays yesterday, I also had the Oakland A's against the Sox with this Puerto Rican dude from work who's a Sox fan. At least he turned into a Sox fan during the later part of the 2005 season. Hm...I wonder why. Anyway so I won that bet and now I'm shooting for double or nothing with him in the Cubs v. Reds game tonight. I've got the Cubs, obv. But those plays aren't official as far as the record because they're not made with money from my online bankroll.


Arizona -1.5

Detroit -1.5

NY Yankees -1.5

Cubs v. Reds Under 11
I really liked this play early on especially considering the good outing Dempster had last time out, but the winds here in Chicago are just crazy right now. Winds in the 15mph-25mph range predicted by gametime with the wind direction hauling straight out to center field. Staying away from this one. I'd already placed the bet but I'm betting the other side as well so I'll end up losing like .20c in vig.

Day Record: 2-1

Day Profit: +$7.26

Total Record: 26-33-0

Bankroll: $159.61

Total Profit: -$40.39 (-8 Units)


vtn said...

gl man.

i definitely like those last 2 picks (for obvious reasons) hah.

vtn said...

i mean the tigers and yanks.

The Hero said...

good luck man