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Monday, April 28, 2008

Feeler Bets

Okay, I've got the following plays for tonight in addition to the parlay I talked about in my earlier blog today. However, these are sort of feeler bets, just trying to get back into the sports betting rhythm so each one is only a $2 bet. Can't win much, but can't lose much either if I have a bad day.

Reds -0.5

Yankees -0.5

Angels -0.5

Houston v. Arizona Over 9

Oakland v. Angels Over 9


Day Record: 3-3

Total Record: 34-43-0

Bankroll: $177.62

Total Profit: -$22.38 (-4.4 Units)


The Hero said...

Good luck. I got torched in black jack this weekend.

CrookedLink said...

lol, i'll be on the look out for the trip report.

vtn said...

day record 3-3 or 3-2?

CrookedLink said...

Day record was 3-3 including a parlay that i lost, which i just didn't post.