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Thursday, February 12, 2009



Yes, I went with the U.S. yesterday instead of Mexico. Turned out to be the right decision but nonetheless I felt shame in not having faith in my own country, lol. Oh well, money is money and I cashed on both of my plays in last night's game:

United States -0.5........$30 to win $10.53

U.S. v. Mexico Under 2.5........$30 to win $17.14

Total Record: 213-209-18

Bankroll: $181.66

Total Profit: -$18.34


So I've been putting in a few sessions on the micro cash games at Full Tilt Poker even though I said I wanted to focus on the 6max SnGs. But I've been running pretty good in the 10NL game and taken a couple of shots at 25NL for which I'm severely under rolled.

I actually took a couple of horrendous beats at 25NL last Friday.

Here's the first one.

I guess I could have just flat called the 3bet on the flop but I knew villain had A10-AK so might as well put the money in as a 3 to 1 favorite.

That beat wasn't as bad as this next one though.

I basically flop the nuts and almost jizz my pants when the big stack moves in after my check raise and then the 3rd player calls as well. I knew one of them HAD to have flopped a set so I was just praying for the board not to pair. But of course an ugly Queen hits the river and I lose the $83 pot.

So that basically busted my Stars account. Thankfully I still had $35 on Full Tilt and over the past few days I've been able to run that up to $115 at the 10nl game including a nice 3 buy in session a couple of days ago. I actually had it up to $135 but had a bad couple sessions yesterday.

I'll probably continue to grind the 10nl game even though I'm technically still under rolled for that as well with only 11.5 buy ins but anything lower than .05/.10 I just can't take seriously for some reason and always end up spewing off chips.

Anyway I really wanted to hit up the casino last night to put in my first live session of the year and was really pumped up for it but I ended up using the money I had to buy a new phone instead, lol. I've been phoneless ever since I sold my Sidekick 08 so I bought the Samsung Behold off a dude on craig's list. I've only had it for a day but so far I've had no problems with it. I wish the web browser was a little faster but overall a nice phone and it's got a kick ass 5.0 mega pixel camera.

So the 200NL game is going to have to wait for now. Maybe next week, although I'm looking into buying a LCD for my room in the next couple of weeks so I really don't know.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sports Betting Update

Haven't felt like updating this in a few days. Been busy grinding the 10nl and 25nl games on Full Tilt. I'll post about how that's been going sometime tomorrow but for now here's a list of the plays I've made on BookMaker since my last post.


Boston -6.5.......$15

Golden State +9.5........$6


Parlay; Chelsea -0.5, AC Milan -0.5........$40

Denver -2.5........$10

Detroit -4.5........$10


Parlay; Calcio -0.5, Barcelona -0.5..........$10


Total Record: 211-209-18

Bankroll: $153.99

Total Profit: -$46.01

So overall during the weekend I went 3-3 on the picks but unloading $40 on the parlay on Saturday really cost me.

Didn't have any plays yesterday or today but I might throw some money on the Mexico v. USA soccer game tomorrow night. Which side I play is still undecided. My heart says Mexico but my brain says USA, lol. It's hard to admit but USA has just owned Mexico when playing at home.

I think Mexico's scored a grand total of 3 goals against USA in American soil. Not to mention the fact that both Guardado and Arce are out for the Mexican squad. Oh well, I'll make my decision sometime tomorrow.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Laker Show

I collected on my final Super Bowl bet today and decided to hit up Best Buy to pick up a new 360 even though I'll probably get my broken one back from Microsoft in about 2 weeks. I shipped that one off today in the pre-paid box they sent me.

I just didn't want to go 2 more weeks with no system though. I actually busted out the old PS2 yesterday just because I was craving some gaming, haha.

Anyway so yea, I picked up the Arcade version which was $200. I'll probably try to resell it on Craig's List for $150ish when I get my Elite back. I also picked up a Turtle Beach X3 gaming headset that I'd been wanting to get for a long time. Those were $100 although after trying them out for a little bit before I left for work today, I'm not sure they're worth it. I can't even use them on the 50'' Plasma in the living room because since they're wireless they use IR technology that interferes with the Plasma IR so all I get is a bunch of static on them.

They did work great on the 22'' monitor in my room though since that's an LCD. And playing Rock Band with them on was pretty awesome as well as kicking ass in CoD4 cause now I can hear every single mofo trying to sneak up behind me, lol. But the LCD in my room doesn't have HDMI hook up so the graphics look washed out unlike the Plasma downstairs where the graphics are sweet.

The only solution I forsee is buying a new LCD tv with HDMI hook up for my room, lol.

Went 1-2 yesterday with my Bulls bailing me out of an ugly day. Should have thrown some money on them moneyline, but w.e.

Tonight's only play is Lakers +6.5.

The freaking line went down from +7 to +6.5 the second I was trying to get my bet in. So if I end up losing cause of that, I'ma be pissed cause it's a $20 bet.

My boy Viet over on the Paper Chaser has money on Lakers moneyline so let's hope we cash this!

Lakers +6.5

Day Profit: +$18.18

Day Record: 1-0

Total Record: 208-206-18

Bankroll: $176.36

Total Profit: -$23.64

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday Picks

Played a little poker this morning. First a $6.60 6 max SnG in which I donked out of pretty early which left me kind of tilty so I fired up a $25NL 6 max table and proceeded to lose a buy in pretty quickly which left me even more tilted, lol.

So I decided to try my luck on a Full Tilt cash table instead and ran better there. Bought in for $20 at a 25NL table and cashed out for $45 20 minutes later.

I might play a couple of $4.40s tonight also.

I've got three bets tonight. All NBA and all for $10. A 3-0 day would be nice, haha.

Cleveland -5.5

Houston -5.5

Chicago +2.5

Day Profit: -$10.91

Day Record: 1-2

Total Record: 207-206-18

Bankroll: $158.18

Total Profit: -$41.82

Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl Results

All in all, a very nice Super Bowl for me last night. I won $200 from Luis (he gets my Sidekick), $50 from Alex, $50 from Mauricio, $45 from Kobe2Odom8 (dude from the FCP forums), and $20 from BookMaker for a total profit of +$365 on the game.

The BookMaker play was Arizona +6.5 and I actually wanted to unload a lot more than $20 but ultimately decided not to, which sucks.

Now, you would think that after an almost $400 profit weekend, I'd be pretty damn happy. And I would be if it weren't for the fact that my Xbox 360 died on me yesterday morning. I got the infamous red ring of death which basically means the system is dead and the only way to revive it is to send it in to Microsoft to have it fixed. Who knows when I'll see my system again once I send it in. From a bit of online research it could take anywhere from a week and a half to over a month.

Going a month without my Xbox is like asking me to go a month without betting on anything. It just ain't gonna happen, lol. So if Microsoft tells me it's going to take more than a month to fix when I call them tomorrow, I'm probably going to buy the Xbox 360 Arcade version for $200 and then resell it when I get my Elite back.

Anyway I'm out. About to head to the movies but I do have a play on the Lakers just for the sake of it.

Lakers -5.5......$10

Day Profit: +$9.09

Day Record: 1-0

Total Record: 206-204-18

Bankroll: $169.09

Total Profit: -$30.91