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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Feeler Bets

Such a sick day yesterday. How in the world does Boston lose to Atlanta in back to back games? Fucking gross. It cost me a total of $11 on my parlay. My feeler bets did alright although I could have gone 4-2 if it weren't for the inability of the Diamondbacks to score at least one fucking run last night with the bases loaded and nobody out .That one kinda hurt a bit. Anyway, more $2 bets for tonight...

Cincinnati -0.5

NY Yankees -0.5

Blue Jays -0.5

Texas -0.5

Minnesota -0.5

San Diego v. Philly Over 8.5

Atlanta v. Washington Over 9.5

Houston v. Arizona Over 10.5


Day Profit: -$8.66

Day Record:2-6

Total Record: 36-49-0

Bankroll: $168.96

Total Profit: -$31.04 (-6.2 Units)

1 comment:

vtn said...

that's almost as many picks as me. good luck!