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Monday, April 21, 2008

Freeroll Monday

I went a little parlay happy this weekend, making crazy plays that resulted in a total loss of $-14.58 on the weekend. I made like 4 parlays and they all missed, lol although two of them by only one game. The only winning play I had on the weekend was Cubs vs. Pirates yesterday.

The day was also pretty shitty poker-wise. Dropped about $85 total on PokerStars where I just couldn't catch a fucking break. I ran so bad in the 4.40s and the only one I did manage to go deep in I ended up overplaying As10s and busted out in like 25th, which was 7 spots from the money.

I also played the 32k Guaranteed on Full Tilt on Saturday which I was really looking forward to. Had a good first hour by picking up a nice pot with pocket nines and then later cracking Aces with KQ. I found myself with around 7k after the first break but it all came tumbling down in the following hand.

I was sitting with about 6.7k, good for the table chip lead and get dealt 10s10d. From under the gun I make it 240 to go (blinds 40/80.) Early position player and big blind both call. Flop comes 9s 6s Ks, giving me second pair and a flush draw. I bet out 320, a little less than half the pot and get called by one player. Turn comes 9d. I check, with the paired board scaring me a little, and my opponent bets out 1,400. I tank for a while, replaying the hand in my head. I really put him on something like A9 but my spade induces me to make a horrible call. The call doesn't necessarily commit me to the pot but when the river comes a 3s I make my flush and push. I get insta called by As Js. Whoops.

I played the hand pretty badly and even though it wouldn't have made any difference because my opponent flopped the nuts, I should have made a bigger raise under the gun with such dominant chip position over my table as well as perhaps a pot size bet on the turn. The worst mistake was obviously pushing on the river since a check would have probably induced an all in by my opponent and I could have gotten away and saved myself an extra 1.7k.

So that's the hand that kinda destroyed me. I was down to about 2.5k after that and really couldn't get anything else going and busted around 30 minutes into the second hour. Would have been sweet to have a big cash, but oh well.


Okay, so on to today. I've managed to put myself in a position to make some profit with the Cubs v. Mets game, no matter the outcome.

So my friend has been martingaling me over a $10 bet that has turned into him owing me $40.I was supposed to collect the money from him tomorrow but he started trash talking my Cubbies again and I just was not having it, lol. So, a free roll on tonight's game. He either pays me $80 tomorrow if the Cubs win today against the Mets, or we're even and he owes me nothing if the Cubs lose.

With Zambrano on the mound, I feel pretty confident going with the Cubbies, but I knew there was a way to middle the game and hedge a profit considering the fact that the Cubs are actually -146 favorites and the Mets +124 dogs at

So I log onto Bookmaker and remember that I've got a $25 free play that I still haven't used. So I placed the $25 on Mets +124 and now I'm in a position where if the Cubs win, I make $80 and lose the $25 free play, and if the Mets win I don't have to pay up anything for the Cubs loss but I win $31.00 at Bookmaker, (you only get to keep the profit on free plays.)

So obviously I'd much rather have the Cubs win than the Mets, but at least I don't lose any money either way.

As I'm writing this, the Cubs lead the Mets 2-1 in the bottom of the 7th inning. If the Cubs can hold the lead, I'm going to shit my pants when Wood comes in to close the game. Hopefully he's got that flaming fastball and it's lights out for the Mets.


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