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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chalk Parlay

Only a degenerate like myself would be up at 6:00 am searching for the most obscure soccer leagues to bet on. I've put together a what the fuck kinda parlay with 7 teams that are each -350 or greater favorites.

This is doomed for failure given the fact that at least one of the soccer matches will undoubtedly end in a draw. It'll probably be one of the two -350 matches but whatever, the parlay's just for kicks as no real handicapping went into any of these matches. I simply searched through all the soccer games going on today, did a quick scan of the league tables and picked the biggest favorites.

Good luck me.


7 Game Parlay ($3.96 to win $8.02)

Boston -1700
Lokomotiv Sofia -350
PFC Beroe -350
HNK Rikeja -1000
Blackburn -400
FK Crvena -700
Partizan Beo -1000

Also adding:

Liverpool v. Chelsea DRAW ($5 to win $9.50)

A little more work went into this one. This is going to be a really close and low scoring match. They finished 1-1 a week ago. Choosing a side is too risky. Although Liverpool is going to need a goal in order to advance, Chelsea is unbeaten at home in 81 straight matches.


Day Profit: +$5.54

Day Record: 1-1

Total Record: 37-50-0

Bankroll: $174.50

Total Profit: -$25.50 (-5.0 Units)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

More Feeler Bets

Such a sick day yesterday. How in the world does Boston lose to Atlanta in back to back games? Fucking gross. It cost me a total of $11 on my parlay. My feeler bets did alright although I could have gone 4-2 if it weren't for the inability of the Diamondbacks to score at least one fucking run last night with the bases loaded and nobody out .That one kinda hurt a bit. Anyway, more $2 bets for tonight...

Cincinnati -0.5

NY Yankees -0.5

Blue Jays -0.5

Texas -0.5

Minnesota -0.5

San Diego v. Philly Over 8.5

Atlanta v. Washington Over 9.5

Houston v. Arizona Over 10.5


Day Profit: -$8.66

Day Record:2-6

Total Record: 36-49-0

Bankroll: $168.96

Total Profit: -$31.04 (-6.2 Units)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Feeler Bets

Okay, I've got the following plays for tonight in addition to the parlay I talked about in my earlier blog today. However, these are sort of feeler bets, just trying to get back into the sports betting rhythm so each one is only a $2 bet. Can't win much, but can't lose much either if I have a bad day.

Reds -0.5

Yankees -0.5

Angels -0.5

Houston v. Arizona Over 9

Oakland v. Angels Over 9


Day Record: 3-3

Total Record: 34-43-0

Bankroll: $177.62

Total Profit: -$22.38 (-4.4 Units)

Fuck You Mr. Yucateco

Last night I had a burger with an obscene amount of this hellish yet delicious hot sauce, and this morning I feel like there’s little people in my stomach with flame throwers or some shit. And I also seem to have the symptoms of a heavy hang over despite the fact that I haven't gotten wasted since god knows when. So my best friend this morning is a big ass bottle of Gatorade and some Pepto-Bismol if the stomach problems persist.

Anyway, so this past weekend was a pretty swingy weekend as far as gambling goes. Thursday a couple of my friends and I hit up the charity casino up at the Holiday Inn in Skokie. The session itself was quite the rollercoaster. I found myself down early then ninja'd my way up to even and was on the plus side for a while before having a whopping $200 downswing in the last hour or so. I played about a 5 hour session and I definitely felt like I played my best poker during the first couple of hours. After that, I just don’t know what it was but I felt myself not being able to concentrate and that’s when $200 downswing showed it’s ugly self.

My two friends got ass raped within the first hour of play. Peter bought in so short stacked that he was basically waiting for a hand to push all in with, which is obviously not a good strategy at a cash game. He ended up running AK into AA and went busto in the hand along with the $30 I'd staked him.

My guy Alex aka Furcio didn't fare much better. I told him the 1/2NL game was soft and there was no need to bluff away any chips but 10 hands into our sessions he bluffs half his stack to this old dude. He proceeded to lose the rest of his stack with bluffs that Stevie Wonder himself could have spotted a mile away.

After he busted, he railed me for a while and then left.


Friday night I managed to win $100 in blackjack at work and was feeling pretty good about it. Then Saturday night I had to work again, and by 7:00 pm, I'd already lost $75. I made a small comeback and was down only $50 and ready to call it a night as far as gambling was concerned. But then I went on a huge rush of cards playing $5 hands of blackjack against Furcio and I got back to $100. Combined with some coin flips and bets on a couple of soccer matches with this dude, I finished the weekend with a +$115 net profit with workplace gambling.


I also got back to sports betting a bit. Won a nice parlay and then lost one unit in the Cubs game yesterday. Right now I have $5 tied up in a 3 leg parlay. Toluca beat Tecos yesterday for the 1st leg of the parlay so now I just need Orlando and Boston to win straight up tonight. If they do, then my bankroll will stand at around $186 and if not then $175, which is still pretty decent given the fact that I'd dipped as low as $150 a week or so ago. I'll go through my bets and update my record later today.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Home Game Report

Just got back from the home game a few minutes ago and it went alright, I guess. It was supposed to be a .25c/.50c cash game but only four people ended showing up including myself so we decided to play a couple of $10 winner take all freeze outs instead.

Out of the three other guys playing only the guy hosting the game seemed to be semi-decent. He was a cool guy and actually managed to call out my hands a couple of times. He says he used to go to law school with Vanessa Rousso and actually played a couple of home games with her.

Anyway the other two guys really had no idea what they were doing but I ended up losing to one of them when he had about a 3-1 chip lead in heads up play. On the first hand of HU, I go all in with 10 10 on the button and get called by A 9. The Ace fell on the river and good game me.

I ran better in the second freeze out where again I found myself heads up but this time it was me who had a commanding chip lead. It was a tough heads up battle though cause it was against the decent guy. I actually had him crushed in one hand where we got it all in with me holding Ks5x against his Js5x in a 3s 4s 6s board. So I was basically free rolling as the only way I could lose was if it came J J on the turn and river but he lucked out and we both hit the straight on the turn to chop the pot.

I finally took it down when I made the call from the small blind in the dark, bet the Ace high flop still in the dark and when my opponent moved all in I finally looked at my cards to discover an ace and had him almost drawing dead.

So overall a total profit of $20 which I can't complain about. It was fun and the guys were pretty cool. Hopefully we can get more people next week so we can play an actual cash game


So tomorrow a couple of my friends and I are hitting the $1/$2 tables at the charity casino. My guy Furcio has been wanting to go for a long time but he's been hesitant cause he is still 17. He'll be 18 in a month or so, but I guess he can't wait that long for his first live poker experience. He should be okay tomorrow though because they rarely card me when I go and when they do card me it's at the cage when I'm buying chips but not when I'm at the table. So the plan is for me to buy the chips for him and then once he sits down, they'll just assume he already got carded.

My other guy Peter didn't want to go because he's not much of a gambler. I finally offered to stake 30% of his action to convince him to go.

I really want to have a good session and just hope to play some good solid poker. I plan on trying to pick up on a lot of betting patterns by my opponents and use that to my advantage.

Thank You Mr. Harrington

Yesterday I dropped $16 during lunch hour to my guy Furcio. It was a combination of me running bad in blackjack and him being a luckbox in Blast. So $16, not a lot but I was steaming because I'd been running so good against him the last couple of weeks. I hadn't lost more than $10 to him in a long time.

So after school we went to pick up our paychecks and then to the post office to mail something. On our way out of the post office we began to do $5 coin flips and in the short walk from the post office doors to the car, I was down an additional $20, lol. Now down $36, I was really beginning to get pissed about how bad I was running.

So I notice that he has a deck of cards in his car (as any self-respecting gambler should) and on the drive to the mall we begin to play $5 hands of blackjack at red lights. Yea, that's how fucking degenerate we are. So I manage to stop the bleeding and win back the $20 that I'd just lost

Then after the mall, on the walk back to the car we start talking about poker, since we're hitting up the casino tomorrow. Anyway, I don't know what exactly we were discussing but then he says something like:

"Oh yea dude Dan Harrington was talking about something like that in his new cash games book. He said you should only move up in limits when your bankroll can afford it. Like, don't be ashamed to be playing .10c/.25c at your local casino if that's all you can afford"

"You mean online, not local casino"

"No dude, he said local casino"

"LOL a casino would never run a live .10c/.25c poker game"

"Well, that's what Harrington said on the book man"

"Dude, I will bet you any amount of money you want, that the book does not say that and I haven't even read the book"

"Are you serious dude. You'd make that bet knowing that I already read the book"

"Absolutely. Listen to what your saying man. Why in the world would a casino run a poker game at those stakes. Do you not realize casinos profit from poker tables through the rake of each pot?"

"Ok I'll bet you $20 dollars that's what the book said."

"Make it $50 if your so sure that's what you read"

"No fuck it. I don't want another Poker After Dark prop bet repeat (see 4/5/08 post), let's make it $15."

So we take a short drive to a Borders bookstore and what do you know, Mr. Harrington was talking about online poker all along.


Felt good to come back to even after being down $36 for the day although that had to have been the easiest $15 I've ever won.


Alright so anyway, a lot of poker action coming up today and tomorrow. I'm about to leave for a poker home game in a couple of hours. Small stakes .25c/.50c but I still want to come out on top at least one full buy in. It's with a bunch of dudes I don't know so we'll see how that goes.

And then tomorrow my guy Furcio and I and possible my other friend Peter or going to hit up the charity casino at the Holiday Inn in Skokie. We'll be playing $1/$2 and it's going to be their first time playing live poker in a casino so they're pumped up for it and I really hope I get a good session in as well.

I'll be back later tonight with the trip report to the home game and I'll also be updating my sports betting record which I've neglected for a little bit now.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Freeroll Monday

I went a little parlay happy this weekend, making crazy plays that resulted in a total loss of $-14.58 on the weekend. I made like 4 parlays and they all missed, lol although two of them by only one game. The only winning play I had on the weekend was Cubs vs. Pirates yesterday.

The day was also pretty shitty poker-wise. Dropped about $85 total on PokerStars where I just couldn't catch a fucking break. I ran so bad in the 4.40s and the only one I did manage to go deep in I ended up overplaying As10s and busted out in like 25th, which was 7 spots from the money.

I also played the 32k Guaranteed on Full Tilt on Saturday which I was really looking forward to. Had a good first hour by picking up a nice pot with pocket nines and then later cracking Aces with KQ. I found myself with around 7k after the first break but it all came tumbling down in the following hand.

I was sitting with about 6.7k, good for the table chip lead and get dealt 10s10d. From under the gun I make it 240 to go (blinds 40/80.) Early position player and big blind both call. Flop comes 9s 6s Ks, giving me second pair and a flush draw. I bet out 320, a little less than half the pot and get called by one player. Turn comes 9d. I check, with the paired board scaring me a little, and my opponent bets out 1,400. I tank for a while, replaying the hand in my head. I really put him on something like A9 but my spade induces me to make a horrible call. The call doesn't necessarily commit me to the pot but when the river comes a 3s I make my flush and push. I get insta called by As Js. Whoops.

I played the hand pretty badly and even though it wouldn't have made any difference because my opponent flopped the nuts, I should have made a bigger raise under the gun with such dominant chip position over my table as well as perhaps a pot size bet on the turn. The worst mistake was obviously pushing on the river since a check would have probably induced an all in by my opponent and I could have gotten away and saved myself an extra 1.7k.

So that's the hand that kinda destroyed me. I was down to about 2.5k after that and really couldn't get anything else going and busted around 30 minutes into the second hour. Would have been sweet to have a big cash, but oh well.


Okay, so on to today. I've managed to put myself in a position to make some profit with the Cubs v. Mets game, no matter the outcome.

So my friend has been martingaling me over a $10 bet that has turned into him owing me $40.I was supposed to collect the money from him tomorrow but he started trash talking my Cubbies again and I just was not having it, lol. So, a free roll on tonight's game. He either pays me $80 tomorrow if the Cubs win today against the Mets, or we're even and he owes me nothing if the Cubs lose.

With Zambrano on the mound, I feel pretty confident going with the Cubbies, but I knew there was a way to middle the game and hedge a profit considering the fact that the Cubs are actually -146 favorites and the Mets +124 dogs at

So I log onto Bookmaker and remember that I've got a $25 free play that I still haven't used. So I placed the $25 on Mets +124 and now I'm in a position where if the Cubs win, I make $80 and lose the $25 free play, and if the Mets win I don't have to pay up anything for the Cubs loss but I win $31.00 at Bookmaker, (you only get to keep the profit on free plays.)

So obviously I'd much rather have the Cubs win than the Mets, but at least I don't lose any money either way.

As I'm writing this, the Cubs lead the Mets 2-1 in the bottom of the 7th inning. If the Cubs can hold the lead, I'm going to shit my pants when Wood comes in to close the game. Hopefully he's got that flaming fastball and it's lights out for the Mets.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Tired Much?

Last night the Rockies and Padres played 22 innings of baseball with the game finally coming to an end around 3AM Eastern time.

So what better teams to fade tonight than those two, who should be dog tired and with huge bullpen problems. If it were a day game, I would make each one of the games two units, but I'll stick to the conservative side and bet only one unit on each game.

I only had one play yesterday because I didn't really like much on the board. I was watching the Cubs v. Reds game and for pure degenerate and entertainment purposes I wagered one unit on No Score in the 1st Inning at even money and I managed to hit that.


Houston Astros -0.5

Arizona Diamondbacks -1.5


Day Record: 1-1

Day Profit: +$2.00

Total Record: 29-34-0

Bankroll: $176.43

Total Profit: -$23.57 (-4.7 Units)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cubs Game

The game last night was a lot of fun. Got there around 5:30 and managed to find a decent seat for $28 dollars. Then just watched batting practice and what not til' the game started at 7:05. Cubs blew the game open in the first inning and continued crushing the ball the whole night.

In the 8th inning, after Dunn hit a solo shot for the Reds, everybody was expecting the ball to be thrown back onto the field as is Wrigley tradition, but I guess the dude that caught it decided to keep it. So then out of nowhere 30 different balls got thrown onto the field from every single direction, lol. Game had to be halted so all the balls could be picked up.

Anyway, should have taken the Over on the game because it was a slug fest all around. Zambrano himself went 3-4 with an RBI and received a standing ovation when he was taken out. I cashed on my play, as well as an extra $40 from this dude from work. Took a few pictures and a video of the 7th inning stretch. Dates on pictures is wrong cause I'm too lazy to change the date on my camera.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cubby Blue

Heading to the Cub's game tonight against the Reds. I was going to go to yesterday's game, because I was so close to Wrigley around gametime and had nothing better to do, but I had my backpack with my laptop and shit so I wasn't sure if they'd let me in with it, so I decided on going to tonight's game instead.

Looks to be a good game with 70 degree weather, winds blowing straight out again, and Zambrano on the mound for the Cubbies. Game time's at 7:05 P.M. but I might get there a bit early to catch some of the batting practice.

So my only play tonight is going to be Cubs -1.5. I don't even want to touch the Over/Under which is set at 12 right now. Since it's my only play for tonight I'll go ahead and wager 2 Units on it ($10)


Cubs -1.5


Day Record: 1-0

Day Profit: +$9.82

Total Record: 27-33-0

Bankroll: $169.43

Total Profit: -$30.57 (-6.1 Units)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Profit Day

What a gross day yesterday. Especially the Twins v. Tigers game. 6 runs int he bottom of the 8th for the Tigers. 6 fuckin' runs! So sick. And the Diamondbacks let the Giants make a late comeback as well. Nothing I can do but take it with stride and hope for some good results today.

Apart from my listed plays yesterday, I also had the Oakland A's against the Sox with this Puerto Rican dude from work who's a Sox fan. At least he turned into a Sox fan during the later part of the 2005 season. Hm...I wonder why. Anyway so I won that bet and now I'm shooting for double or nothing with him in the Cubs v. Reds game tonight. I've got the Cubs, obv. But those plays aren't official as far as the record because they're not made with money from my online bankroll.


Arizona -1.5

Detroit -1.5

NY Yankees -1.5

Cubs v. Reds Under 11
I really liked this play early on especially considering the good outing Dempster had last time out, but the winds here in Chicago are just crazy right now. Winds in the 15mph-25mph range predicted by gametime with the wind direction hauling straight out to center field. Staying away from this one. I'd already placed the bet but I'm betting the other side as well so I'll end up losing like .20c in vig.

Day Record: 2-1

Day Profit: +$7.26

Total Record: 26-33-0

Bankroll: $159.61

Total Profit: -$40.39 (-8 Units)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Midnight Madness

I haven't played online poker in almost a month but I'm running for a guy on FCP in the Midnight Madness on Full Tilt, which starts in about an hour, so I'll keep a running blog of how I do. Hopefully by the end of this post I'm, $2,500 richer although I wouldn't count on it, lol.

But seriously,I really want to run well in this tournament although I have no outright strategy as of right now. Just play ABC poker and try not to gamble too much in the early levels. There's also a last longer prize pool with 6 other FCPers which pays top 3 so a strong finish even with out a cash can be rewarding. Anyway, it's 10:08 PM right now and the tournament starts at 11:00 PM. I'm still at work but waiting on my ride and I should be home by 10:30 with enough time to prepare to run deep in this bitch! Damn I'm pumped!

10:12 P.M.- Waiting for my ride home. Should be here any minute.

10:27 P.M.- Fuck, my ride just called telling me they're running late. Might have to miss the first few hands...not cool.

10:36 P.M.-Mega fuckin' tilting. Ride won't be here until midnight. Tournament starts in 20 minutes. I could start the tourney here at work and hope that by midnight I have a big enough cushion in my stack to afford my sitting out for 15 minutes when my ride gets here. I'm fucking pissed off right now. Was so pumped it to take this shit down!!!!

10:46 P.M.-I'm really considering unregistering man. Playing here at work doesn't seem like a good idea. A lot of distractions including bitches asking me to check stuff for them on Ebay. I'll decide whether to unregister or not in a couple of minutes.

10:58 P.M.-Fucking shit,I unregistered. Just made no sense to play right now. The Midnight Madness will be there tomorrow night and the night after that, lol.

Oh well, not even 11 P.M. yet and my dream of pwning this tourney's already been crushed!

The Prestige

DirectTV decided to give me 3 months of free movie channels so I saw a few good movies this past weekend but the one that completely blew me away was The Prestige. I'd heard a few good things about it but had never gotten around to actually watching it until I caught a late night airing of it on Starz Friday night.

It began with a slow and somewhat confusing pace thanks to its nonlinear narrative structure, but once you get into it all the pieces fall into place and what's left is truly a remarkable film. Not only was the acting superb, but the plot storyline was what made the movie for me. Don't want to spoil anything but that crazy twist at the end just had me in awe.

I really haven't enjoyed a movie as much as I enjoyed The Prestige, and I can't wait to watch it again because it's one of those movies that you can enjoy the second time around because you know the plot holes that had you scratching your head the first time around.

I hear the similarly themed film The Illusionist with Edward Norton is quite good as well so I might check that one out in the near future.

Return of the Big Unit

The Big Unit, Randy Johnson is back on the mound today making his first start of the season and I'm hoping it's a good one. I just need him to be semi-decent against the Giants so I can cash on two of my plays. My third play for the day is Minnesota who I think is overvalued against Detroit at +145. I may or may not also play a couple of NBA games as well. Not sure just yet.


2 Team Parlay:
  • Arizona -0.5
  • Chelsea -0.5
Minnesota -0.5 (!!!)

Arizona -1.5

Chicago +1


Day Record:1-3

Day Profit: -$10.45

Total Record: 24-32-0

Bankroll: $152.65

Total Profit: -$47.35 (-9.4 Units)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

No Tilt Sunday

Ok, so this is the part of my sports betting en devour where I begin to tilt my money away after a couple of bad days. Friday I lost $15 in 2 plays and I didn't want to make any stupid bets on Saturday so I stayed away from the computer. I was also mega tilting because of the fact that I'd lost my wallet which had $168 dollars in it along with a couple of credit cards and my ID.

I had no idea where it was and the last time I remembered having it with me was at a gas station Thursday night so I figured I must have left it there. I call the gas station hoping to hit the equivalent of a miracle one outer on the river, but I brick out and they say no one's turned anything in.

So I spend most of Saturday afternoon pissed off about the wallet that I don't even bother to log onto my book account. But then my guy Furcio came over like at 1am, after he got off work to pick up a pair of shoes that he bought off ebay usuing my account. Anyway I ask him if I can check his car real quick to see if maybe I'd dropped my wallet in there, and sure enough there it was under the passenger seat. I have no idea how it got there, but I'm just glad I was able to recover it, and my gambling mood was much more improved for my Sunday Plays.

Had a lot of baseball plays and a Chivas v. America game that I was going to bet big on but decided against it and only played it for 1.5 units.


Cincinnati -0.5

Chicago -0.5

Royals v. Twins Over 8

San Francisco -0.5

LA Angels -0.5

Padres v. Dodgers Over 9

LA Dodgers -1.5

Colorado -0.5

Chivas -0.5


Day Record: 5-4-0

Day Profit: +$1.28

Total Record: 23-29-0

Bankroll: $163.10

Total Profit: -$36.90 (-7.4 Units)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Big Money Friday

Didn't play any picks yesterday. Had a look at the board and there wasn't much that I liked so I passed. So yesterday I had to work and I mean actually fucking work instead of my usual job description of sitting on my ass all day answering phones.

This dude got in a fight with the manager over some retarded bullshit so we were a man short and I had to cover the register all night. Being on my feet all day is not my idea of fun. I came home tired as hell and just crashed. Good thing we had the day off school today because no one in this world could have woken me up at 6am if they'd tried.

Anyway, on to today's picks. I've got one wager already placed which is Cubs -0.5. I feel it's a strong play considering we got Big Z on the mound for us tonight. I've made this my 2 unit ($10) play of the night, so I'm really hoping I can cash it.

I'll be adding the rest of my plays a little later tonight.


Cubs -0.5 (-105)

Veracruz v. Puebla O2.5


Day Record: 0-2-0

Day Profit: -$15.50

Total Record: 18-25-0

Bankroll: $161.82

Total Profit: -$38.18 (-7.6 Units)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April 9th

I didn't post yesterday because I only had one play for the day. It was Yankees -1.5 which ended up a loser. I don't know, I just wasn't in a gambling mood at all, lol. Instead I watched some Law and Order and played some MLB 08. Just got the game yesterday and was afraid it was going to be the exact same thing as 07.

This is what's been happening lately with new sports games for the PS2 and XBOX. Games get released with a roster update, virtually no new game features, but a spankin' new $40 price tag. I guess it's Sony and Microsoft's way of telling me it's about time I fork over the $400 or so dollars for a next generation console. Thankfully MLB 08 does have some new features and the game looks promising so far.

Anyway, like I said I only had the Yankees yesterday, although I did want to take the Angels as well but was down for a few hours last night so I couldn't place the bet. I don't think the Angels ended up covering the runline so I guess I lucked out.

Today I've already got the Dodgers and possibly the Cubs and Red Sox later tonight.


LA Dodgers -0.5


Astros -0.5

Padres -1.5

Texas -1.5

Yankees -0.5

Twins -0.5

Chivas v. Santos O2.5


Day Record: 2-4-0

Day Profit: -$10.20

Total Record: 18-23-0

Bankroll: $177.32

Total Profit: -$22.68 (-4.5 Units)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Memphis FTW

Yesterday's action was pretty shaky. I managed to come out with a $3 profit on the huge card only because I placed 2 units on the Pachuca game instead of 1. They kicked America's ass 3-1.

Usually when I'm at home I try and watch all the games that I've got a bet on, but yesterday I decided not to. I could have, since DirectTV offers the MLB package for free for the first week of baseball. But instead I only watched the Cubs game and then chilled in the living room with my family watching old family videos the whole afternoon. It sure was better than stressing over a baseball game and shit.

So what I gathered from some old family videos is that apparently I was a huge fan of Th Rock when I was like 10, because every five seconds I would turn to the camera and say "Do you smeeeeeeell, what the Rock is cooking!??" lol I couldn't stop cracking up, when I was watching that.

As I am writing this in the library at school, my friend Mack has approached me looking to gamble. He's asked me if I want to do a $20 coin flip. Hm...sure I feel like gambling. He takes tails, I've got heads.

Coin is in the air....Heads! Ship the $20!

Now my guy Furcio wants some action. He also wants a $20 coin flip. Damn it, I could say no and walk away a $20 winner, but that's not how I roll. Flip that shit, lol.

I've got tails this time. He's got heads. Coin is in the air....tails! Boom, ship another $20.

LOL, sweet. two minutes ago I was calmly writing my blog and now I'm $40 richer. It's how we do it at Northside!

Anyway, back to the blog. Yea, so I've got a couple of baseball plays that I've placed already and a couple of more that I'll probably place later tonight.

I'm also going to go with Memphis tonight in the Championship game, even though I don't know shit about College Hoops. Seems like the public is on Kansas so let's fade. I haven't placed the bet for Memphis yet but I'll do it as soon as I get to work and hope that I get a good line.


Chicago -0.5

San Diego -0.5

Yankees -1.5

Memphis -1.5


Day Record: 3-1

Day Profit:

Total Record: 16-18-0

Bankroll: $192.52

Total Profit: -$7.48 (-1.49 Units)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Following Touts

NY Mets -0.5 (-145)

Pit v. Fla Over 9 (+105)

Astros v. Cubs Under 9 (-105)

Padres -0.5 (-140)

Toronto -0.5 (-121)

Tor v. Bos Under 8 (-115)

Tex v. Angels Over 9.5 (-115)

Oakland -0.5 (-123)

Sox v. Tigers Under 8.5 (+105)


Pachuca -0.5 (-105)


Record: 13-17-0

Day Profit: +$3.01

Bankroll: $184.42

Total Profit: -$15.58 (-3.1 Units)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wake Up Little Tiger

Well the sports betting was shitty yesterday with a 1-3 day. Fortunately, I played two of the games for only half a unit and managed to win my biggest dog at +285 so my bankroll didn't suffer too much.

I did have a decent day of gambling at work last night. I started off winning a $50 prop bet from my friend. We were discussing a hand on Poker After Dark and there was a hand where it was AK v. AK and he asked me why the percentages where like 7% for one hand and I explained to him it was because one of the AK was suited. He wouldn't beleive me and after we went online to check it out, I'd won myself an easy $50.

I ended up losing half of it back in blackjack though, which sucked but oh well. A bit of controversy rounded up the night when me and my friend were accused of cheating in blackjack against this other dude who was drunk out of his mind. We beat him for $20 in that particular hand. He had 19 and I had a 17 so I hit and drew a miracle 20 to beat his 19. Immediately he starts accusing us of cheating. The funny thing is, this is the dude that tries to cheat every time we play. I don't even know why we play with him. We've caught HIM trying to pocket some cards occasionally, so for him to bring forth such accusations was just laughable. And when he was telling the other dudes that we had cheated him, none of them believed him.

This one guy Manny, who I play with a lot was like "No way man, if there's one guy here who'd never cheat in cards, it's Victor." The whole thing ended up putting me on tilt though, so I spewed off a few more dollars before the night was over. I ended up not taking the guy's $20 dollars that I won from him fair and square. I just don't intend on ever playing with him again.


Anyway, so on to sports betting for today. I'm going with the Tigers again, because their bats just HAVE to wake up sometime. Hopefully it's today. Then there's a couple of underdog soccer plays that may have some value in them, so we'll see. I might add a couple of more baseball plays later tonight.

Santos -0.5 (+140)..................$5 to win $7

Chivas -0.5 (+135)..................$5 to win $6.75

Detroit -1.5 (+140).................$5 to win $7


Jaguares -0.5 (+135)............$5 to win $6.75

Washington +4.5 (-110).......$5 to win $4.55

LA Angels -1.5 (+125).........$5 to win $6.25


Record: 8-12-0

Bankroll: $181.41

Total Profit: -$18.59 (-3.7 Units)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Results

Detroit -1.5 (+135).................................$5 to win $6.75

Boston -0.5 (-105)...................................$5 to win $4.76

Tecos v. Tigres DRAW (+225)......................$2.50 to win $5.63

Necaxa -0.5 (+285)..................................$2.50 to win $7.13


Record: 7-7-0

Bankroll: $201.86

Total Profit: +$1.86 (+0.37 Units)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Let's Go Yankees!

Had a somewhat break even day last night going 4-3 but with only a $3 profit for the night. My late addition play of America v. River Over 2.5 was what bailed me out of a losing night. Man, that game was amazing. Definitely one of the best and most intense soccer matches I've seen in a while. The first half was somewhat slow, but the second half alone had a total of 6 goals!

It was such a weird match also, because America is essentially the worst Mexican team right now and River is the best team in the Argentinian league, yet somehow the Mexicans managed to pull away with an unexpected 4-3 victory.

Anyway I woke up super late today so I missed the chance to bet the afternoon baseball games. I'll just go with one play with the Yankees tonight. I also considered taking the Bulls +7 against the Cavs but decided to scratch it at the end.


NY Yankees -1.5 (+125).......................$5 to win $6.25


Record: 6-4-0

Bankroll: $207.23

Total Profit: +$7.23 (+1.4 Units)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wednesday Night Baseball

I'm glad I stayed away from my Cubbies again today, as they didn't even manage to keep it close, losing 8-2 to the Brewers. I think I'll stay away from them until they get their lead off situation resolved. Lou is planning on going back to Soriano at the lead off spot and dropping Theriot to the 2 hole, so we'll see how that works out.

Anyway, here's my plays for tonight. Most of them baseball, but a couple of hoop plays as well.


Phillies -1.5 (+100)....................$5 to win $5.00

NY Mets -1.5 (-105)..................$5 to win $4.76

Braves -0.5 (-135).....................$5 to win $3.70

Yankees -0.5 (-142)....................$5 to win $3.52

Indiana +11.5 (-110)..................$5 to win $4.55

Utah -16 (-120).........................$5 to win $4.17


America v. River Plate Over 2.5 (+110)............$5 to win $5.50


Record: 6-3-0

Bankroll: $212.23

Total Profit: +$12.23 (+2.4 Units)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back in Business

So I had been putting off wiring money to my offshore books because I'd been pretty busy with school and shit, but I finally had some time on my hands today. My guy Furcio and I drove to Gigio's after school to pick up our paychecks and then we went to a Money Gram place so I could wire some money to I was also planning on using some money that's owed to me to fund my account but, the guy who owes me the money wasn't at Gigio's when I went, so I'll do that later this week.

Anyway I shipped $100 to Nicaragua to some dude named Manuel Sandoval and 40 minutes later the funds were in my account. I don't know why I ever bothered with credit card deposits before.

I received a $25 bonus for it being my first deposit, but the shitty thing is that it's a 5x rollover bonus, which means I basically have to give them $500 worth of action before the bonus clears. So I won't hold my breath on that.

Alright so I had two plays for tonight. I felt pretty confident in the Celts -6.5 against the Bulls but I was regretting taking the Pistons -2.5 against Minnesota. See, I saw the Paper Chaser take the play at Pistons -7.5 and I didn't have time to figure out why it had dropped so much, so I just went with it. When I found out Detroit was resting most of it's starters, I wanted to kick myself.

Thankfully, they managed to make a heroic 4th quarter comeback winning it 94-90.


Ok so this is the plan for the sports betting grind. After tonight the Bankroll stands at $109.10 but I plan on shipping another $100 to by the end of this week so for simplicity's sake I'll just go ahead and say the BR is $209.10. Again, each play will probably consists of a $5 bet, but with a larger roll this time around this won't be written in stone. I will give myself the liberty to up the amount wagered if I so desire. I will be making occasional $2-$5 parlays just for kicks, but what I will try not to do is go on any major tilt and chase mentality if I have a bad week or whatever.


Boston Celtics -6.5 (-110).............$5 to win $4.55

Detroit Pistons -2.5 (-110)...........$5 to win $4.55

Record: 2-0

Bankroll: $209.10

Total Profit: +$9.10 (+1.8 Units)