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Monday, January 28, 2008

Runner Runner

Well the weekend came and went, and so did my Bodog roll. I'll be the first to say that my "All In" move was pretty moronic because it was a $48 bet, which was more than enough to try and grind it out but I just kept getting frustrated with how I was running lately with sports. I would either have a horrible day, or just a break even at best. I kept waiting for that breakthrough day that would push me into the green, but it just never came, and I let it overwhelm me a bit too much. So I let it all ride on the Pachuca game. They obviously lost 3-2 and now my sports betting grind has come to a sudden end.

I do regret tilting away the money like that, but also, sports betting was really distracting me from my poker game lately, something I did not want to happen. So will I stop the sports betting and play poker exclusively? Probably not, but I will put more emphasis on my poker game and only bet a couple of games a week.

Yesterday was a roller coaster day as far as poker goes. I won a couple of HU matches, but on one of them, I must have sucked out like a dozen times on the guy. I kept putting my money in with the worst hand and kept sucking out. I swear, I felt sorry for the guy, cause I would hae probably kicked my computer if that was me. A couple of times I caught runner runner to stay alive when I should have been all but gone.

So later at night, when I busted in 3 straight 6 man SnGs, I couldn't feel too bad, because I can't exactly be a suck out machine and then get pissed when someone else sucks out on me. (lol that sounds kinda gross)

Thankfully this morning I was able to win an $5 6 max SnG to help recuperate the losses from late last night. I noticed that whenever I seem to be running extremely well on Full Tilt Poker, I seem to be running horrible in Stars, and vice versa. Seems kinda weird but true, and I've got the sharkscope stats to prove it!


Full Tilt Poker:

So it's pretty evident that I've been way more consistent on Full Tilt lately than Stars, but about a week or so ago, that wasn't the case at all. It was the complete opposite.

I've also managed to stay away from cash games for the most part which I think has helped me tremendously. I'll keep grinding out the SnGs instead. Right now my total online bankroll stands around $265.

$114 is on Full Tilt and $151 is on Stars. Last time I deposited was 2 weeks ago. My initial deposit on Full Tilt was $50 and Stars was $93. So over a couple of weeks my net profit has been $122, if my monkey math is any good.

Not spectacular and not baller money by any means, but I think this is the first time in my online playing that I've been able to notice a real consistent progress in my bankroll, and staying away from cash games has a great deal to do with it in my opinion.

I'm going to continue to make the short handed SnGs my main source of income, with a few $4.40s now and then, since that's what's been working. We'll see how it goes.

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vtn said...

nice work with the poker. damn that sucks with pachuca.

man i've been cooooooooooooold with the picks.