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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Monkey Off My Back

Man, hadn't gone so long without cashing in a single table SnG on Stars, but I finally managed to take one down just now.

As I showed on my Sharkscope stats on my previous blog, I had gone 4 SnGs without cashing, plus 2 more tonight for a total of 6. Obviously I get tilted to the max when my pocket 9s run into Aces on the 6th one, that I figured I'd try one last one for the night except I made it a $13 dollar one, double my usual stake.

I've gotta say, hands down, the difficulty level between a $6 and a $13 SnG is huge! And I began to notice it as soon as the tourney started. On the $6 dollar one, usually about 10 minutes in you've already got a couple of guys eliminated, and a guy who is super short stacked just waiting to push. But on the $13 one, the playing field remained so close and it took a while before the first guy busted.

I however did stick to my usual approach of playing real tight aggressive poker and it paid off once again. Once it got down to 4 handed the stacks were so even that I kinda had to start playing more hands though, otherwise the blinds were going to get to me. I managed to get my money all in with AdQd against 10s10c and the beautiful lady hit on the flop and it held up. From there it was only a couple of hands until we got to heads up.

We started HU with me about 3k to my opponents 6k but first hand of heads up I get pocket tens on the button and make a standard raise to 300. Guy insta shoves and I call. He shows QJ and I somehow hold up. From there it was just a bit of blind stealing until he was so short stacked he pushed with J8 and I genuinely felt my Q9 was good so I made the call. A queen hit on the flop but he had a flush draw which I thought I would vomit if he managed to hit it. Thankfully he didn't and I took it down for a cool $46, and a huge confidence booster.

So I managed to make up the losses for the bad run I'd been having on Stars and coupled with the earlier SnG I won on Full Tilt, I got a nice boost to my roll. Obviously not the way I wanted to do it, because more often than not, going up in stakes to chase losses will make me go bust, but I just gotta feel good about the win and make sure I don't have such a shitty run of SnGs again.


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