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Friday, January 25, 2008

NBA Blowout

I've had such bad luck with NBA games, but tonight it's the turnaround night. I can feel it!

Actually no I can't, but let's hope it is.

Suns -2

Grizzlies +8

Bucks +10

76ers +3

Lakers +7

Bobcats +4

Nets +9

Kings +8

Blazers -2.5

Suns v. Cavs U(212)

Atlas -143


vtn said...

gl man. my bad with yesterday's college picks. i had austin peay, appalachian state, and marist on my list also but i scratched those 3 out at the last second. those 3 games all hit. we could of been 6-3. not sure why i crossed them out.

vtn said...

rough day for us.