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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sabado Futbolero

I really hate betting on soccer games with straight moneylines because a draw equals a loss and since roughly 30% of all soccer matches end up in a draw, this is definitely -EV. So today I planned on opening an account on BetUS simply because they offer point spreads in most soccer matches, something Bodog rarely does. But turns out Bodog did end up posting point spreads for the matches I wanted to bet on today. And it helped big time, otherwise I would have lost my two parlays. Instead, one of the games in my English Soccer parlay pushed, but I still made a bit of profit, and in my second parlay, two of the games pushed, so I didn't make much of a profit there, but at least I got my money back.

As for the other two picks, Chivas killed Pumas 3-0 so that was an easy win, and Santos and Cruz Azul finished 1-1. The Detroit play was a last minute rushed decision that I shouldn't have made.

So anyway, again, if I'd done straight moneyline bets, today would have been a horrible day, but thanks to Bodog deciding to put up point spread lines, I managed a small profit for the night.

Anyway, yesterday went to work and made $120 in blackjack, which feels pretty good. And I've got some big money riding on the Packers tomorrow against the Giants. This guy actually bet me $200 giving me the Packers WITHOUT ME LAYING ANY POINTS! Just a straight win by the Packers and I collect. Even if the Packers somehow lose, I'd still take this bet every single time.


3 Team Parlay

-Chelsea -500
-Manchester United -275
-Newcastle United -300

Chivas -105

Santos Laguna -111

Pistons -7

3 Team Parlay
-San Luis -210
-Pachuca -90
-Atlante -350