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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Suck At Poker


Couple of days ago I was winning every race, my monster hands were holding up, and I was playing some excellent poker. And today, the total opposite. I busted in 6th in like 3 SnGs and dropped 2 Buy ins on cash games. Then played a 4.40 on Stars where my Tens ran into Jacks and I busted out in like 70th. I staked four guys from FCP on the 4.40 I was playing and only one managed to Final Table it and finished in 6th for $36, $18 of which came to me which basically only helped me break even with the stakes. I think I'll take a break from online for a bit so I don't tilt my whole roll. I do plan on going to a home game tomorrow though. Last time I went I made almost $300 so hopefully I run well again. If the game gets canceled for whatever reason then I'll hit up the Casino.


Anyway, on to sports. Fuckin' Nets killed my night. And I played them a little heavier than usual because it was the only play on the RX system. (Which is now 31-9-1.) I really should have just played them for the same amount as my other bets, but oh well.

Westerlo (Pick)

Bristol Rovers (Pick)

Wake Forest +12

Air Force -9

2 Team Teaser
-Suns -3.5
-Nets +11.5

Nets +6

1 comment:

vtn said...

look out for the kings. they got a decent squad with bibby, kmart2, brad, and artest in the starting lineup.