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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

NBA Tuesday

I started off the day horribly with a couple of soccer plays, so I'm laying some major action into some Basketball games tonight. This are way more plays than I usually do in a single night, but eh, what the hell. Hopefully they work out.

FC Barcelona -1

3 Game Parlay: Liverpool, Norwich City & Juventus

Golden State Warriors -8

Phoenix Suns -8

2 Game Teaser : Chicago Bulls +11.5 & Golden State Warriors -3

3 Team Parlay: Detroit Pistons. Golden State Warriors & Houston Rockets


vtn said...

damn that's brutal! you do $5 bets?

crookedlink said...

I usually do $5 bets, but last night I felt like messing around so I varied the amount wagered depending on how strong I felt on each play.

It was the worse thing I could have done. Lost like $55 on the whole night.

Nothing left to do but start over and rebuild. I'm going to go back to strict bankroll management though, and keep each bet size consistent.

vtn said...

yesterday was just one of those days. the lines were sucker lines and the home teams kicked @ss.

i think you should bet tonight. tonight should be a bounce back night even tho the lines look hard.

i'll post my picks by 3pm. i'm feeling good about them.