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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Three Seconds

No, not seconds as in time. Seconds as in 2nd place finishes. I played 3 SnGs tonight and managed to place 2nd in all three. Two on Full Tilt and one on Stars. I would have obviously liked to win at least one of them, but I can't complain with 3 straight cashes.

I'm still looking for a partner for the February $4.40 challenge on FCP but I haven't found one yet. I guess I'll have to fly solo. I was thinking about whether I'm going to pony up the $50 buy-in straight from my bankroll, although it's really not something I'd like to do. $50 would put a huge dent on my roll right now. So I think what I'll do instead is deposit another $50 on Stars just to buy into the challenge, but use my roll to play the $4.40s. Just makes more sense to me that way.


So this 2nd semester at school is going to be real tough since I did kinda shitty the first semester. Had a talk with my counselor this morning and we went over what I need to pass, which is basically all my classes. No room for errors anymore. Gotta get serious about this school shit so I don't have to hit the books during the summer. Passing all my classes is definitely doable; I just gotta start showing up.

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vtn said...

yea you might want to focus on the school part.

just get that out of the way and then do your gambling thang.