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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Comeback Night

Day at the casino went horrible yesterday. Started pretty good when I won a nice pot on my second hand of the night with pocket Kings, but nothing came after that, so I ended up down one buy in ($200). I was going to stay and try to win my money back, but I chose not to because I was just going to steam my money away at the table.

So I came home and I logged on to Bodog trying to make a deposit. Then I see that the Credit Card option isn't under my deposit methods anymore which I find kind of strange because I just deposited with my card a couple of days ago. So I call them up and after being on hold for a good 10 minutes, I get this lady who asks me if I've ever had any problems with any other online betting site. I say no, and she says are you sure? At this point I'm like wtf is this shit. She tells me that another website contacted them saying they've had a problem with me in the past. I ask her which site and she tells me I explain to her that I don't even have an account with them, and after a bit more persuasion she finally lets me do the deposit over the phone.

I soon as I get off the phone with Bodog I call and I explain the situation. I tell them I've never even opened an account with them before and after he does a search on his database he tells me that Bodog is wrong and they never contacted them about me. Then for the next 10 minutes this guy goes into a sales pitch about how I shouldn't take this bullshit from Bodog, and how I should switch to them. Blah blah blah, no thanks buddy.

Anyway, that was that. On to tonight's picks. I've got a few, one of which I lost earlier this morning, but I like the way the rest of my card is looking for tonight. Hopefully I have some good results.

Napoli ML (-120)

Washington -2.5

Wright State +4

Tenn Chatt +5

Phx Suns -2.5

Utha Jazz +2.5

Lakers v. Suns Under 109 (2H)


vtn said...

i want to bet nba but thursdays are just bad.

if i had to go, i'd take suns, jazz, and spurs. gl with it.

vtn said...

and damn i think bodog and betus got something contract going on or something. sounds like bs from both parties. maybe theyre on entity but that doesnt make any sense either. whatever lol.