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Monday, January 14, 2008

Today Was A Good Day

Over the weekend I used some of the money I won in last week's home game to load up my online accounts. I threw $50 on Full Tilt, $50 on Bodog (for sports betting exclusively. no casino or poker!) and $100 on Stars, although the Epassporte Fees are ridiculously high so it was actually $93 that ended up on Stars.

Anyway, things went pretty good today. I won a 6 man SnG in the morning, on Full Tilt, went 2-1 on some soccer picks in the afternoon and chopped for 1st prize on one of the FCP WSOP events I wasn't even going to play.

I was at work browsing the FCP forums, when I decided to register for the $5 NLHE event. I was really hesitant to do so because if work got too busy I was going to have to keep constantly sitting out and possibly get blinded off.

Well thankfully, work was pretty slow, so I didn't have to sit out to often although I had to play extra aggressive to try to accumulate chips early. Anyway, I ran pretty good for the most part, and heading into the Final Table I was a HUGE chip leader with over 14k and the average around 5k. It got down to four handed pretty quickly but then things got stalled for a bit, as no one wanted to be the bubble boy. I'd been sitting pretty comfortably in the chip lead position for a long time until a couple of hands had me in danger of busting out. Hand number 1 I ended up trying to bully the shorter stacks by pushing all in with 22 and got called by AJ An ace hit on the turn and I was down to 10k. Very next hand, I get 22 again, and I was tilting a bit so I reraised all in after someone had made a small raise. This time my deuces held up, and I was back up to 20k and in the money! Wasn't too long before it got to HU after I busted one guy with my AK v his A3.

Me and the other guy decided to just chop the 1st and 2nd place money and play for the "bracelet." lol it was an intense HU battle because both of us kept getting crippled and then making huge comebacks. But in the end, I ran my Q 10 into K10 and gg me. I gotta say, even though we split the money, ($107) it still hurt a bit not being able to take it down. But it sure was hell a fun, and huge for my game confidence. All in an event I wasn't even planning to play!


Ok so enough of the poker stuff. Now to some sports betting action. Like I said, I went 2-3 in some rushed picks I made in the morning before leaving for school. And then I had a couple more plays tonight, one of which I already lost (NHL). I'm going to keep a record of my picks, but not of my bankroll because I'm not following any set unit amount this time around. I'll mostly go on feel.

Leeds United -130

2 Team Parlay Bochum -130 & Borussia -225

Crew v. Leeds United Over (2.5)

New York Rangers +130

Sonics +6

Lakers v. Sonics Under (208)

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vtn said...

good call on the sonics. i've been losing.