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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Tough Packers Loss

Man that game was pretty awesome. Technically I ended up losing only $25 with them because the $200 dollar bet I talked about last time was with money that was owed to me for some web design work I did for the guy, so although it's money lost, it didn't hurt as much since I don't have to actually pay the $200.

But the loss still hurt because the Packers had so many chances to put the game away. But oh well, the best team ended up winning as Eli had a hell of a game and I'll definitely be rooting for them against the Patriots in the Super Bowl, even though they have little to no chance of actually beating them.

Here's the plays I had today:

4 Team Parlay
-Inter Milan

2 Team Teaser
-New England Patriots -8
-Green Bay Packers -2


I haven't talked about poker in a while but I've actually been having some success online lately.My bread and butter have been short handed single table SnGs. I've played quite a few of them in the last couple of weeks and running pretty well in them. Each one of them plays so similarly to each other that I've kinda adopted a very basic and robotic strategy that's been working. I've just played very tight in the first couple of levels and wait til' at least two people have been eliminated. Then, look for a spot to double up and then just cruise to the money by not getting involved in big pots.

Like I said, it's been working pretty effectively and I'll continue to play a bunch of them on Full Tilt. I wanna start playing more 4.40s on Stars and FCP is starting a new 4.40 challenge in February so I think I might give that a shot.

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