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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Home Game Report

Just got back from a home game, and I gotta say I'm feeling pretty great with the way things turned out. It was a game that took a couple of months to set up but today it finally came together. My guy Furcio picked me up around 6:00pm and we got there by 7pm. We were the first ones there so we chilled a bit til' more people started showing up. Cards were in the air probably around 7:30.

The game was originally supposed to be $.50/$1 NL Hold em' but a guy wanted to incorporate some Omaha in there so we alternated between two rounds of Hold em and one of Omaha. I wasn't too happy to be playing Omaha, because I hate the game with a passion, but it turned out to give me my biggest pots of the night. First big pot came when I flopped trip kings and two players moved all in before me. Holy shit, I had no idea what to do to be honest because I suck at reading Omaha hands. Anyway I called and the turn paired the board so it gave me a winning full house, kings full of nines. Other two guys had something like Fives full, and a flush. So that triple up was huge for me, probably the biggest pot I've ever played. Then from there, I just got a lot more comfortable with Omaha and made some nice plays and kept building my stack. Hold em' was good to be as well, and I ended up busting my friend Furcio for the night when he pushed all in on a AAX board and I had AQ. Turns out he had A7.

So the game began breaking up around 11:30 and I cashed out for $373, which was a $273 profit for the night. Bubble gum change for high rollers, but this was HUGE for me.

Now I'm home, tired as hell, but I can't go to sleep cause I gotta catch up on some homework.

I might go to the Charity Casino tomorrow, but I'm not sure yet.