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Thursday, January 24, 2008

College Hoops

Well last night's huge card went 6-8-1, with the NBA games fucking me over. So I'll stick to college picks exclusive tonight, courtesy of the Paper Chaser from

Rider -11

Utah St. -10.5

Wisc.-Milwaukee -8

South Alabama -12.5

Boise St. -11



I know I said I wouldn't play poker online yesterday, but since I didn't feel like driving to the casino, I jumped in a Stars 4.40 instead, and managed to Final Table it. Finished up in 4th place for $60.

I was one double up away from having a clear shot at winning the whole thing but I got it all in with my K10 v. 77 and even though my 10 hit on the flop, he caught a runner runner straight. It's all good though. Still feels good to finish deep.

1 comment:

vtn said...

nice man. let's win some money!

i wanted to go play poker yesterday also but it was raining like crazy.

oh and thanks for the advertising...i gotta get extra hot so i can start posting it on forums.