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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Nice Way To Start The Year...

Damn, its been a while since my last blog. Feels like it was last year that I last wrote in here....haha yea I'm funny. Well, this might be a bit of a long update because there's been a few things going on.

I guess I'll start off with the sports betting. That's over and done with and mainly because I lost a bit of interest as I began to get back into poker more and more so I ended up using the Sports Betting roll on Bodog playing poker. I felt kinda guilty about it, because the whole point of the sports betting was to keep myself as disciplined as possible to try to make my roll grow. But I guess after I went on the negative for my overall picks, my interest just drifted.

I do however plan on getting back to it in the very near future. I'd like to keep poker and sports betting completely separate which is why I don't plan on playing poker on Bodog ever again, not to mention that their interface sucks anyway.

So, besides sports betting, I've won a little bit of money gambling at work. Last Friday was an exceptionally good day as I ran like insanely good in blackjack. I beat my guy Furcio like 15 hands in a row. Then we did some coinflips and I was up to like $120. Then I decide for some reason to do some stupid bets like, who ever is the next person to say "fuck" they gotta pay the other person $5. lol so it hadn't even been like a minute after the bet started, that Furcio asks me "Wait, so when is the bet off?" and I'm like "Until one of us fucks up." D'oh! there goes 5 bucks. lol so we did it again and this time Furcio is the one to fuck up when he drops an F bomb, trying to explain to one of the cooks that he fucked up in an order or some shit like that.

The fuck thing starts getting old so we switch it up to whomever says "like." lol fortunately for me, Furcio was trying to teach me how to play Rummy 500 so he said "like" almost 4 times, so I was up to $145 but gave some of it back at the end of the night in Conquian and Blackjack.

Besides gambling at work I also visited the Charity Casino to play a bit of poker. I got there around 6:30 but it was so busy I didn't end up getting a seat til around 7:30. Sat at a $1/$2 with $200 hoping this session would go a little better than the last one, where I lasted for about 15 minutes. I felt alot more comfortable this time around though, mainly because I wasn't so short stacked like last time, so it gave me a bit of room to make some moves. I was playing fairly tight but I still managed to lose a couple of big pots and before I knew it I was down $140. So with only $60ish on front of me I was ready to just cut my losses but I figured I might as well lose it all lol, so I went crazy and began playing very loose and aggressive, and it somehow seemed to work. I managed to double up when my AJ held in a Axx board against another guy's A7 with a flush draw. Then I picked up another pot when I raised in early position with 7s2s. lol yea, I was steaming. So i raise it up to 10 and get 3 callers. Flop comes all low cards with 2 spades and I immediately move all in for my last $50 or so and everyone folds. Yea real donkish of me but I didn't care at that point. Anyway, after I check raise another guy trying to bluff me off another big pot, I was finally on the positive and decided to call it a night around 11:00 with a $42 profit.

I gotta say it was a really fun session with some fun people at the table. I'll probably be frequenting the casino a bit more often, especially this month because most of the events aren't too far away.

Besides that session, I hadn't really played any poker at all this past couple of weeks so I was thinking of depositing some money online. Then one of the FCP guys decides to stake me in a $5 Omaha H/L tourney on Full Tilt and I somehow final table the damn thing. lol I just couldn't believe it because I'd never played Omaha H/L in my life. I got lucky a few times and just kept building chips tilt I was chip leader with about 30 people left. Stayed that way til a couple of hands before the final table, where I took a couple of big hits and all of a sudden I was short stacked at the final table. Ended up busting in 9th, but all things considered, 9/161 isn't to bad for a game I know nothing about.

So I was feeling pretty good about that final table, and then I also got staked in a Stars $4.40 and managed to final table that as well. Came to the final table kinda short stacked but I managed to double up a couple of times and I was in decent position to take it down. Then this ultra donk who kept pushing every other hand pushed with 9 2 and I called with my AJ. He rivered the damn 2 and gg me. Placed 6th.

So 2 Final Tables to welcome the New Year, I gotta say feels real good. And now I have a mini roll to work with so I don't have to deposit just yet.

Man, I've got to say I've really enjoyed the break so far. I've been a real bum going to sleep at 8am and waking at around 5 or 6pm. It's gonna suck going back to school, that's why I gotta take advantage of these last few days left on my break.

As far as New Year's resolutions go, I really don't have any. What's the point? Probably won't keep up with any of them, but I really hope this is my break out year in poker and hopefully I can get that big Cash I've hoped for. Aside from that, you know, same old, good health for me and my family and all that stuff.


vtn said...

damn 92 beat is rough lol. gl with the o eight poker.

The Hero said...

glad to see you're winning again. good luck.