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Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Plays

Last night was "decent" at best. I mean I'll take a 4-3 day over an 0 for Sixer, any day but a couple of those games that I lost last night should have been winners. Oh well, can't complain to much. I've gotten an early start today with some basketball plays along with a half a unit on a soccer parlay (I know I said no more parlays, but I couldn't resist.) Anyway, I'll be adding a couple of more plays later tonight probably, so I'll post those later as well.

3 Team Parlay
-Le Havre -225
-Fayenoord -270
-Hartlepool Utd. -137

Golden State Warriors (Pick)

Blazers -5

Hawks +7

Sonics +7

Pistons -9

Veracruz +120

4 Team Parlay
-Wizards -400
-Hornets -550
-Pistons -600
-Jazz -600


vtn said...

gl and let's win some $$$

vtn said...

damn those are the only 2 picks that we hit! hah we should put our heads together more often!