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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Starting Fresh...

Man, was last night brutal or what? 0-6 on the day's picks. And it sucks even more because I bet more than I should have on each play. The way the games turned out sucks too. I mean, how the hell did the Suns manage to lose outright. And why the fuck did the Warriors have to foul when they were up so big with less than a minute left. I figured at least my Bulls teaser would work, with them getting 11.5 points, but nope.

Oh well, not much left to do but start over. I think I'm going back to the system I had last time where I did strict $5 straight bets with no teasers or parlays. Actually maybe I will have an occasional teaser if I see any value in it. So, I'm taking the day off sports betting and starting fresh tomorrow.

Instead I'm going to go play some poker tonight at Rockford Charitables. Gonna play some $1/$2NL and hope I run good.

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