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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Suck at Basketball

A while ago my friend Saif had proposed to me a prop bet that seemed to good to be true. A 1 on 1 basketball game up to 11 and he'd spot me 10 points. in, I only had to sink one basket. But I had to lay him 2/1 so I'd put up $100 and he'd put up $50. Well that bet's been on hold for a while but today I did a similar bet with another dude and got my ass handed to me.

During weight training, Christian offered me a similar bet. Game up to 11 and he'd spot me 9 points for even money ($40 each.) I'm thinking, "Are these guys serious? They do know I've shot a basketball in my life before right?"

Anyway right after Weight Training we head downstairs to the gym to start the match.Now, I'll be the first to say, basketball is not my sport. Put a soccer ball in front of me, and I'll drive that bitch all night, but basketball? Not so much. And I hadn't played in a looong time but I figured the game plan would be simple. Since my jump shot leaves much to be desired I figured I'd let him drive in on me a couple times let him miss, and then I'd go after the rebound and try to look for a couple easy lay ups.

Well it was anything but a perfect plan. I didn't anticipate that the 8'' inches or so that's he got on me, not to mention the far superior conditioning, would lead to me getting my ass kicked. This guy not only plays basketball, but he runs cross country and track and field. He was rebounding mine and his own missed shots left and right and before I knew it he was up 10-9. I put up a last minute jumper just inside the 3 point line to get back to even at 10-10, but we decided to stop and continue tomorrow since we were both dog tired and the next class was coming in to use the gym.

So we'll continue tomorrow with the score 10-10 and me having possession of the ball. But I've gotta win by 2 points so things aren't looking great for me. I'll probably try and buy out for like $20 and cut my losses.


No official plays for tonight yet but I do have a couple of plays with my friends.

Spurs +6.5 (Mackenzie)

Detroit -7 (Saif)

1 comment:

vtn said...

haha that's pretty funny. take the $20 settlement.

gl on those picks.