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Monday, May 12, 2008

Not Quite a Hustler

I spent about 85% of my free time this weekend playing Grand Theft Auto IV on the 360 and it was hella fun. The online gaming is sickly addictive and I found myself not wanting to do anything but sniping guys from rooftops and blowing shit up with RPGs. I took care of my gambling habit on Friday at work.

I won $20 in blackjack from my guy Furcio and then around midnight, this cat comes in and he sees me,Furcio and this new phone guy named Kevin, playing poker. So he's all like, "Ay man I just got back from Vegas and I'm tryna learn how to play poker. Can I play with ya'll"

LOL, now the first thing that came to my mind was that scene from Rounders where Worm and Michael hustle those college kids in a Stud game, claiming they're just trying to learn how to play and shit. So I'm like damn, this dude's a straight up hustler and he's going to end up with all my money, lol. But we let him in the game anyway.

We were playing 4 handed NL Hold Em, but with no blinds. Instead everyone anted up a dollar and then action started to the left of the dealer with an option to check or bet. Same thing after the flop, turn and river. Shit got crazy cause we weren't playing table stakes. It wasn't like you were playing only the money you had in front of you. If you wanted to reach into your pocket to bet more money, you could do that.

In the end, the dude ended up being the farthest thing from a hustler. He was playing so shitty, which I at first kept thinking was part of his act, but soon realized that he really was a terrible player. I managed to hit a couple of big hands and ended up winning $71 by closing time (1am). One against Kevin where I made the nut flush on the turn and managed to trap his top pair and a second hand where I turned a set of 5s and again trapped Kevin and the not-a-hustler dude.

My guy Furcio got screwed big time on the last hand of the night, where one of the drivers decided to play one hand just for the hell of it. I don't think he even knows what beats what in a poker game but he just wanted to gamble. So after some raising and re-raising my guy Furcio goes all in on a 10-5-4 board and gets called by Kevin and the driver. I expected to see like, set vs set vs two pair or some shit, but instead Kevin turns over K8 for King high and the driver turns over J-4.

Furcio turns over 5-4 for two pair and he can't believe he got called by king high and bottom pair.(That's how juicy the game was!) So it was close to a $50 pot and unfortunately for my guy, the Jack fell on the turn giving the driver a better two pair. Then he had to hear a whole speech from the driver about how he just KNEW the Jack was going to come, lol.

Anyway the game broke up only cause it was closing time. How I wish that game could have gone all night. Furcio Kevin and I were suppose to go smoke a blunt after work but after his bad beat Furcio wasn't in much of a mood for anything so since he was my ride home, I got screwed out of what Kevin promised to be some high quality shit, haha.


So that was all Friday. And Saturday and Sunday like I said earlier I spent most of the time playing Xbox. Today at school I made a couple of bets for tonight as well as this thing me and my friend Saif came up with. Basically it works like this:

We each took turns picking a player from the Cubs lineup tonight (we flipped a coin for first pick) and then we're going to pay each other according to how each of our guys perform. Like, a single is $1, a double is $2 and so on. Here's the lineup and who picked who:

Since we drafted the players around 1 pm, the lineup for tonights game hadn't been announced yet so we drafted batting orders instead, with a projected lineup that is probably going to be the following:









I also picked Zambrano to get Over 5 strikeouts.

Then I've got a couple other small bets, two of which are a wash because I bet on both sides just to give my guys some action, lol. They could have just bet against themselves but whatever.

Boston +2 (Saif)

Cavs -2 (Ahmed)

Boston Pick (Mackenzie)

Also adding a late official play on the Cubs (official meaning I placed it online and it'll go on my record)

Cubs -1.5 (2 Units)


Day Profit: +$12.00

Day Record: 1-0-0

Total Record: 50-66-2

Bankroll: $161.12

Total Profit: -$38.88

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