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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

The Memorial Day Weekend went by pretty fast and surprisingly uneventful. Friday I had work and won $50 from Furcio in coin flips. I ran like god, betting on tails and winning like 5 in a row. Then on Saturday I...shit I don't even remember what I did on Saturday. I think I stayed home all day even though I was suppose to hit up Mackenzie's party.

Sunday night I went to my friend Steve's show at Pressure. That was pretty cool. A lot of Northsiders were there. Steve played for almost 2 hours. My favorite song was definitely Hey Jude, even though he mumbled half the lyrics, lol. Oh yea and half way into the show Steve decided to call me out and publicly thank me for having attended all of his shows at Pressure and asks the audience to give me a round of applause and I'm just like, wtf?

Anyway, so Monday I didn't do much. Was home all afternoon on the 360 and then went on a 9 mile bike ride down McCormick Blvd, which was cool. Then I came home and. played a $5.50 6k guaranteed KO tourney on Full Tilt. I was doing ok and had about 4300 after the first break. Then I bluff away half my stack 5 minutes into the second hour but managed to recoup when I hit a set of nines and got paid off. Unfortunately on the next hand I get JJ on the button and make it 600 to go with blinds at 100/200. Small blind folds and the big blind moves in on me. Read him correctly as having AJ-AK and he did in fact have AK and ended up busting me with an Ace on the river.

Then watched Superbad and played some GTA IV online and finally went to sleep.

So, today is suppose to be Senior Ditch Day at Northside but I decided to come to school anyway. I think I've taken way to many personal ditch days already, lol.


Not a lot of sports betting action has been going on. I did win $20 on the Santos-Monterrey game on Sunday but besides that not much has been happening. I still have the Lakers to win the series laying 4-1 to Furcio and Ahmed for $20 and $10.

Dude from work also owes me $160 so I'm probably going to hit up the casino when I collect.

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vtn said...

you gotta update your balance and blog more!