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Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Card

Kerry Wood ruined what would have been a 2 unit profit day yesterday with his blown save in the 9th, and the 76ers but up a dismal effort against the Pistons. I was lucky to have hit the Under though.

Tonight's card I'm not feeling to great about for some reason so a break even day would be welcome.

Phillies -1.5

NY Yankees -1.5

LA Angels -1.5

Cubs v. Cardinals Over 8

Angels v. Orioles Over 8.5

2 Team Parlay
-Boston -0.5
-Tecos (Pick)


Day Profit: -$11.75

Day Record: 1-4-1

Total Record: 40-57-1

Bankroll: $160.97

Total Profit: -$39.03

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