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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Game 7

I've got Boston, for $200 no point spread. Just a straight up win by the Celts today and I collect. Guy from work started running his mouth again yesterday, telling me how Atlanta was going to win today. I did my best trying to make him believe that it was going to be a really close game and that it was true, Atlanta was the favorite to win.

See, this guy knows nothing about sports betting, yet he's had my number for the last year or so. This past football season he took me for at least $600 by betting underdogs with no point spread, including the Super Bowl where he gave me the Patriots for even money. If this guy had bet all the games that he bet with me during football season on the money lines instead of even money with me, he would have made a killing. I'm talking at least 5K. But again, he knows nothing about point spreads or money lines.

A few weeks ago I went on a 5-0 run against him and took him for $80 and today I'm ready to take him for another $200. After I convinced him to give me Boston today against the Hawks, the next order of business was trying to make him bet the most amount of money possible. First he wanted to bet $400, and I was cool with that because I was going to sell off half of my action to my guy Furcio, but then later he changed his mind and wanted to only bet $100. Finally we settled on $200.

If this dude really thought Atlanta could win today, he could have taken Atlanta at a local bookie for $200 on the money line for a potential payout of $2,400. Likewise, for me to be able to win $200 by taking Boston on the money line I would have to bet $4,000 lol.

Yea yea I know, Boston can conceivably lose this game. And I can also conceivably hedge this game and guarantee a profit by betting $33 dollars on the Hawks +1200 in which case if I lost the $200 to the guy at work, I would still collect $250 from

But I'm just too damn confident in a Boston win today that I'm not going to do that. I'm going to gamble and not take the insurance. Hopefully I don't end up regretting it. Anyway here's the rest of my card for today. All of them are soccer over/unders but I'll be adding a couple of baseball games later.


Pumas v. Pachuca Over 2.5

America v. Monterrey Under 2.5

Atlante v. Puebla Over 2.5

Colorado -0.5

LA Angels -0.5

NY Mets -0.5

Mets v. Arizona Under 8

Cubs v. Cardinals Under 9

Boston 4Q +1.5


Day Profit: +$9.78

Day Record: 6-3-0

Total Record: 48-61-2

Bankroll: $174.85

Total Profit: -$25.15

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