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Friday, May 30, 2008

2008 WSOP Fantasy Pool

Full Contact Poker has a contest going for this year's WSOP. Basically you pick ten players and then earn points according to how do place in this year's 10 "Championship" events except the main even because of the delayed final table.

Top prizes include things like a 6 month subscription to Daniel Negreanu's new poker training site Poker VT, as well as copies of Daniel's new book coming out this summer.

So here's my picks in no specific order:

Phil Ivey

Daniel Negreanu

Phil Hellmuth

John Juanda

Erick Lindgren

Ted Forrest

Gavin Smith

Allen Cunningham

Patrik Antonius

Barry Greenstein

Obviously I picked all well known poker pros which in retrospective probably wasn't the best route to go. I should have thrown in some lesser known players who've had some quiet success in the past.

Also guys like Patrik Antonius and E-Dog will probably be too preoccupied with the side cash games to play every event.

And I don't know why I threw Gavin Smith in there. For entertainment value I guess.


vtn said...

youre missing an "o" on "too"

The Crooked Straight is dragging with updates this morning probably because Killa Kev is either still in Vegas or he's back but to hung over.

vtn said...

and "this" not "these"

Just released these past Saturday, the shoes are meant to celebrate the seafood heritage of New England.

kev's gonna be out all week.

CrookedLink said...

lol, thanks for the heads up.

i posted early this morning just to get some filler material for the site.

i'll try to find more shit for the rest of the week.