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Sunday, January 11, 2009

This might be a bad day...

Okay, I think I'm officially on tilt territory after yesterday. After losing the soccer parlay by one game (stupid donkeys on that Liverpool team man) I dropped an extra $10 on the Titans. That obviously wasn't too smart, haha.

So I'm making some "tilt" picks today. It's not really that I don't like the picks, it's more the fact that I'm betting way to much on them which is going to end up with me being almost broke if I have a bad day.

But's Sunday. Let's gamble.

Chivas -0.5 (-200)....$50

Giants -0.5 (-205).....$40

Steelers -0.5 (-310)....$30

Real Madrid -0.5 (-420).....$20

Manchester United -0.5 (-150).....$10

Day Profit: -$18.55

Day Record: 3-1-1

Total Record: 197-202-17

Bankroll: $91.08

Total Profit: -$108.92


vtn said...

gl man, i might be shit-broke after today but let's hope it's a comeback day. damn parlay splits hurt. might have to give it up lol

vtn said...

yeah i've been running super bad lately. i'm starting to believe that i'm not very good at this!

man i just lost my basketball game also. we were 10-0 for the season and lost a nail-biter 67-66 in our first postseason game.

it was the #1 seed versus the #8 seed.