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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

English Parlay

So Sunday didn't turn out as bad as it could have, but it was still pretty shitty thanks to the Giants being a bunch of donkeys.

I go 3-1-1 and end up losing $20, lol.

And another thing that sucked was that I initially wanted to parlay the Real Madrid and Manchester United picks which would have given me even odds, but BookMaker was being gay for some reason and didn't let me do that. So I only won like $10 off those two picks while laying like 3 to 1.

My biggest bet of the night (and the biggest bet overall for a while) was Chivas and they ended up winning but it went to a penalty kick shootout so the bet pushed.

The bankroll stands at $91 and the plan was to wait til' the weekend soccer games but the two big English clubs are playing today. Both big favorites so I decided to parlay them for $41 bucks. Enough to leave me with a $50 bankroll in case one of them loses.

2 Team Parlay..............................$41
-Manchester United -0.5
-Chelsea -0.5

Day Profit: +$18.26

Day Record: 1-0

Total Record: 198-202-17

Bankroll: $109.34

Total Profit: -$90.66


vtn said...

how come i didnt see this post until now?

my new bookie doesnt let me bet soccer. that's wack, else i'd be jumping all over your heavily favored picks.

4years said...

nice hit bruh!

vtn said...

it's a live bookie. no deposit fees and weekly payments lol

the site is good @ coming out w/the lines hella early though. unlike bodog.