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Monday, January 5, 2009

Friendly Home Game/ 09 Goals.

Got a text invite Saturday night for a small stakes poker game at my guy Mackenzie's house. He's home from Yale for winter break so he called up a few people to get a game going. It was cool seeing him and a bunch of other dudes I hadn't seen in months.

Macken is actually the nephew of Denver Broncos' ex coach Mike Shanahan as his mom is Shanahan's sister. So we were talking for a bit about the possibility of his uncle coaching Dallas in 2010.

Anyway, back to the poker game. We decided to play .25/.50 NL and I bought it for $20. Nothing serious really, just enough to keep the game interesting. Everyone was just fooling around and having a good time. I came out the big winner at the end cashing out for $70 for a nice $50 profit.

I think we were too loose on the banking situation though cause everyone was just basically putting their money in the bank and grabbing their own chips which led to us being like $10 short when it was time to cash out. I decided to pay it off just cause I was the big winner of the night and I didn't want it turn into a big deal. We'll just be more careful next time.

We played a couple of hands of blackjack after the game just for old time's sakes while Macken, Furico and I reminisced about all the gambling we used to do in the school library and the time we got kicked out and banned outta there for like a week, lol.

Good times...

Anyway got home from the game around 9:00 and I was tired as hell so I ended up going to sleep pretty early which led to me waking up like at 4 am today. Haven't been able to go back to sleep so here I am blogging instead.

I planned to do a long new year's resolutions post but I'm to lazy for that and I'll basically outline some of the major things I want to accomplish both poker and non poker related.

As far as poker goes, I basically want to start playing live more. A LOT more. I think the $200NL game at the charity casino is soft enough that I can beat it at a win rate of $12/hour. Why $12/hr? Well, I don't want to set any monetary goals but I want to see if I can make enough in the $200 game where I could possibly consider playing poker full time at a sustainable win rate that compares to what I make in my current job. But this is something that I want to discuss further in a separate post sometime later this week.

As far as online poker goes, I'll definitely be throwing more money on PokerStars but I haven't quite figured out what I want to focus on. I've had good runs in the $6.60 short handed SnGs so I may try to grind those out and then build the bankroll to where I can move up to the $13 SnGs by the summer and possibly the $25s by the end of the year. I may also dabble with the Double or Nothing SnGs to see how those play out.

So that's it as far as poker. On to none poker related goals. Number one is to probably start taking some classes in CC. I think this is the most important one because going back to school is I think going to help me with the rest of my goals since it'll give a little more structure to my days, something that is seriously lacking right now. For example, goal number 2 is getting in shape and taking better care of myself, but when my days consist of going to sleep at 6 am and waking up at 4 p.m. that near impossible.

So with school I'll be forced to follow a more "normal" regimen which is definitely a good thing.

I also want to buy a car hopefully by the time Summer comes around. This is kind of questionable right now though, just because I still need to do some money planning for other things like school and buying some other random shit I've been wanting to get like a video camera, a Wii and another Plasma for my room.

There's also been talk with a friend of mine about the possibility of getting an apartment together but I'm still not sure about that one. I'm not really in a hurry to move out to be honest. At least not yet. Maybe sometime next year.

So that's pretty much it I guess. Play more poker, go back to school, get in shape and buy a car. I don't expect to accomplish all of these things but that doesn't mean that I won't put my best effort into them. Wherever I find myself to be by January of 2010, I think I'll be cool with it.

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