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Friday, January 2, 2009

Holiday Hangover

So I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus this past week just bumming around enjoying what was left of 08 and looking forward to 09.

My mom, sister, and I all pitched in to get my dad a new 50'' Panasonic HD plasma for Christmas so I've been spending most of my time sitting in front of that beast playing Call of Duty 4 and FIFA 09. Compared to the 20'' LCD monitor where I do most of my gaming, the 50'' plasma is 1000x better especially because of the HDMI hook up compared to the A/V cables.

We're also going to be getting an HD receiver from Direct TV sometime next week so I'll pretty much be glued to the television the next few weeks, haha.

Anyway New Year's Eve was pretty chill at the Ortiz residence. Not much was planned because both my dad and my sister work til' pretty late. My friend Peter came over around 2 to chill for a bit playing Rock Band 2. Then we started messing around with the BB gun his girl got him for Christmas. That was pretty fun, lol.

I was trying to bet him that I could hit a Soda can from about 25 feet away and was willing to LAY odds but he didn't bite. Good for him as I hit that shit straight on, lol. Then I wanted to see just how much it would hurt to get hit by one of those bbs so I volunteered myself to be shot in the back by my little sister.

That wasn't fun.

I wasn't expecting it to hurt so much cause the fucking bbs weren't even the real metal ones, they were plastic. But they stung like a bitch nonetheless, lol.

I'm definitely getting one of those guns though cause they are fun as hell to just fuck around with. Thinking of getting probably an MP5 or an M16. Going to do some online researching on that.

Anyway back to New Year's Eve. So after I got shot at with the BB gun we just chilled watching Saving Private Ryan and I fell asleep. Woke up around 7 and my sister and I went to the grocery store to buy some stuff for dinner. The highlight of that trip was me spending like $11 on one of those stuffed animals claw vending machines. Those always tilt the shit out of me. I finally got the fucking stuffed animal I wanted though so that was good, lol.

Right, so dinner was pretty awesome overall for the mere fact that my whole family was sitting at the table which rarely ever happens because we all have such weird schedules. New Year's day was pretty slow. More Cod4 and FIFA 09 as well as dropping $15 on the Blackhawks v. Red Wings game that was played at Wrigley Field.

Chicago got off to a strong start going up 3-1 but ended up losing like 6-4. So that, along with an earlier play on a Manchester game, has the bankroll down to about $102.

Anyway that's what I've been up to this past week or so. I don't want to turn this post into a New Year's resolutions type of thing cause I'll probably do one of those tomorrow.

I'm off to watch the Toluca v. Morelia game. I've got $10 on Morelia with Alex from work although he's sightly pissed and feels hustled cause I didn't tell him that Toluca was bringing their B-squad to this match. Oh well, haha.

P.S.- To the douchebag who cut me off today on the way to work and then gave me the finger as I proceeded to cut HIM off, may you have a not so very Happy New Year sir.

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vtn said...

nice entry.

i get pissed at idiots like that cut-off man also but youre gonna learn eventually (hopefully lol) that there's no need to wish any ill-will to anybody. that only makes you half as bad.

just let him be. youre still young though so whatever. when are we gonna start winning in sportsbetting?! any new strategies? i'm all out lol