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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today is expected to be the coldest day in Chitown in over 10 years. Temperature right now is at -10° and it's expected to dip all the way down to -40° with wind chill factors. So yea, it's pretty fucking cold to say the least.

Let's hope the freezing temps are not an omen of things to come in my gambling endeavours, haha.

Haven't played online poker in a long time. Gonna try to deposit sometime in the next couple of weeks. Not sure how I'm going to go about it though cause MoneyGram is no longer an option on Stars and most debit cards get rejected. I'll see what other viable options they have.

Probably going to deposit $200 and play the 6 Max $6.60 SnGs exclusively. That's about 30 buy ins which should be enough to handle the variance of short handed SnGs. Going to try and build the roll and move up to the $13s.

No sports picks today I don't think. I'll give the NBA lines a look but probably nothing til the soccer games this weekend.


vtn said...

nice gl man on the soccer plays.

live bookie is paying up and collecting money from a live person on a weekly basis.

it's the same thing as any online bookie account. i go to login, place my wagers and at the end of the week, i either pay up the amount i've lost or collect the amount i've won.

it's actually pretty convenient compare to a regular bookie requiring a deposit. only thing is, you gotta trust that the guy pays up if you win big and you gotta pay up when you lose. my credit limit is @ $300.00 per week. of course, i can always increase per request.

vtn said...

one more note: i dont think it's legal so shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! lol

vtn said...

yeah i dont know how he doesit . he probably has some kind of connection with 5 dimes some way, somehow.

it's cool though cause you just bet the same way and it's all tracked normally like a regular online bookie, ie bodog or something.

if it wasnt legit, i wouldnt have an account lol