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Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Super Bowl Bets

I took some more Super Bowl action today. First with Alex who accepted my 1.5 to 1 money line odds so I'm putting up my $75 against his $50 on a Steelers win. Then with Luis although this one is a little different. I've been trying to sell my new Sidekick 08 because it still doesn't seem to work with my SIM card.

It's the weirdest thing because it's not the phone that's defective since I pop in my sister's SIM card and the phone works great, but it's not my SIM card either because I pop my card into my sister's phone and it works also. So I don't even know what the problem is and just want to sell the phone and get something else.

But anyway, so Luis wanted to buy it from me for $150 but I wanted $200 for it. So we decided to leave it up to the Super Bowl. If the Cardinals win, I'll sell him the phone for $100. If Steelers win I'll sell him the phone for $200.

So I'm selling the phone either way. I actually paid $150 for the phone but still have a $50 mail in rebate voucher that I haven't sent in so I don't really lose money if I sell the phone for $100.

I'm still trying to get a little bit more Super Bowl action on the FCP forums although that'll probably only be in the $20 range and maybe another $20 on props. Don't know if I'm going to place a bet on BookMaker yet. I'll probably decide on Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, it turns out I might have to come in to work which sucks. I doubt we're even going to be that busy but my manager wants me to come in anyway. This is going to be a hectic ass weekend at work cause I have to work tomorrow from 4pm-1am then Saturday from 9am-1am (double shifts ftw!) and Sunday from 2pm-10pm.

At least I can look forward to a nice paycheck!

Oh yea, almost forgot I bet $10 on the Mexico game yesterday and lost. LOL, I had actually forgotten they where playing but I was at Best Buy and using the Internet on one of their laptops and remembered about the game. So I rushed home to see if I would get there in time to bet it. I did and they freaking lost. They're going to get crushed by USA in a couple of weeks too probably.


vtn said...

thanks man. i've been waiting all week for these picks so hopefully i can cash in at least 2 of them. gl if you got any plays.

vtn said...

good cash on the steelers.