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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1st Super Bowl Bet

Got my first Super Bowl bet down yesterday with Mauricio from work. Even money, straight up with no point spread, for $50. He only wanted to bet $20 but I pushed him towards $50. I'm also offering Alex 1.5 to 1 odds for another $50 so he's still considering that. (True money line is like 2.3 to 1 but w.e.)

I'm also probably going to get a couple of bets down on the FCP forums with my Stars poker roll so I REALLY hope Steelers don't lose, haha.

Oh yea last night before I went to bed I placed a tennis bet on Federer -400 for $20 to win $5 so I cashed on that. Sports betting roll now stands at a healthy $150 plus like an extra $20 that I have saved up in BookMaker's Loyalty Rewards program but I don't plan on cashing that in yet.

I played a quick one hour 5NL session yesterday morning before work and made like $7. Then this morning I lost a $5 HU match but took 2nd in a $6.60 6 max SnG. Will probably put a couple more of those in later tonight.

I also got a stake today to play the Stars 200k Guaranteed on Sunday so I hope to make a deep run in that. There's even more incentive to run good in this one because there's a last longer bet with 9 other FCPers and the winner gets staked into a $55 freeze out. I just hope I get to play it because there's the possibility that my boss asks me to work on Sunday since it might get busier than usual because of the Super Bowl. I hope this doesn't happen.

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