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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Weekend Recap...

Lets review how the weekend went, shall we? So Saturday I had to wake up super early for Saturday school. It was such a drag and I slept through half the class, but so did everybody else so the teacher didn't really care. I got out at 12 and I walked back home. I chilled around the house, then I placed my first bets on Bodog for the weekend. I lost a little bit on a 2 game soccer parlay but I made some profit for the night with Santos crushing Atlas 5-2. Sweet, Saturdya night and I was already half way there in terms of my weekend goal.

So I was supposed to go to some thing called Trails of Terror, but I went to pick up my ex, and we ended up going to see Halloween instead. The movie sucked big time. Ain't got nothing on the original. After the movie we drove to Evanston to get something to eat and then I drove her home.

Sunday morning I made two soccer parlays. One was a three game parlay from Spanish division games, which I won. The second was a two team Mexican soccer parlay which I lost. And then to the good stuff...NFL Football!

I made two different parlays;


Colts -350

Risk $10.00 to win $13.27


Colts -350

Risk $2.00 to win $29.42

So I spent the whole Sunday glued to my TV watching football. My 4 game parlay was a lock, and my 7 game parlay, in which I was getting 15-1 odds, all came down to the Tampa Bay game. They screwed me over obviously, but I didn't feel to bad considering I only lost 2 dollars. I think I would have felt even worse if I HAD won the parlay, and only having bet 2 dollars on it.

So anyway after football I made one last parlay for the night with the Chivas v. America game and the Red Sox v. Rockies game. The Chivas game was pretty awesome but they lost 2-1 so gg me.

Oh yea, sometime during halftime of the Tampa Bay game, I rode my bike to Gamespot and bought Madden 08. Pretty Random I know. So I played Madden til' pretty late at night. It's a freaking awesome game, and I ended up going to sleep at 5 am. Yea, that meant no school the next day obv. I spend Monday afternoon again playing Madden until I left for work around 3:30.

Work was super slow as was expected from a Monday night, so I spent most of the day on the FCP forums just lurking and laughing my ass of at a guy who laid down $500 on some long shot parlay that paid 180-1. Then I logged onto Bodog and placed my bet for Monday Night Football. After a little bit of researching I decided on a teaser. Greenbay +10 and Under at 51. So I won that for a nice $15 bucks.

So overall, I think I surpassed my weekend goal, which is sweet. I'm at school right now and I'm about to leave for night school, so that's it for me. I'll probably lay down some money on the season opening NBA games tonight and update tomorrow. Adios!

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