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Thursday, November 8, 2007

I'm a Gambler...

Wow, it's been a crazy week and a whole lot has happened since my last update. lol I went from feeling great, to quitting poker and gambling in general, to playing in my first live poker tournament. But I'll break it down a bit.

It all started last Friday at work. I did not intend to gamble at all, but I knew sooner or later my friend Furcio would talk me into it, so I did something smart and only brought along $20. Turns out it would be the most painful $20 I've ever lost, lol but ill get to that in a minute. So as soon as I get to work this guy wants to bet on the Patriots Colts game but he wants the Patriots. I say no way man, Brady is a monster right now. Then I tell him I'll take the Colts if he spots me 7 points, which was around the Vegas line the Colts were getting anyway.(It was more like 6, but w.e.) I tried to talk him into it, because I figured the Colts D would keep it a close game, but he wouldn't bite so I didn't get any action on that game. At least not from him.

So work was extremely hectic which gave me and my buddy Furcio no chance to gamble. It wasn't until later that night when the place calmed down a bit, that I pulled out my $20 and offered a $20 coin flip to anyone but no one wanted to, until my guy Manny said fuck it and we flipped the coin. Heads, I win =) So I'm up $20 and immediately Furcio wants to do a $40 coin flip. lol Sure why not. Heads again, I win =) lol this sends my friend Furcio into mega tilt and wants to flip for another $50, ahh was a little hesitant but I accepted, and won again! lol I'd managed to turn my $20 into $150 in like 5 minutes. I was like "ok I'm done for the night, I've been extremely lucky but thats it. So an hour or so later, I don't know why in the world I go and ask my friend for another $50 flip. I think my crazy gorilla thinking in my head went something like this:"Ok just another $50 flip. If you win you walk away with a sweet $200 and if you lose, you're still up $100."

So Furcio doesn't want to do another flip because he says that $50 is the only money he's got left and he needs it for gas. lol But I talk him into it and he agrees. (We're the fuckin definition of a degenerate gambler, I swear!) Ok so we flip and I lose. Crap, that wasn't suppose to happen. I coax him into flipping for another $50 and I win. lol Ok, I should have walked away, but no, we do $50 again and I lose. Another $50 and I lose again. At this point I feel like shit and so I flip for my last $50 and lose. Man, that hurt. No joke, that was painful. I literally felt my knees grow weak and my stomach felt so sick. And it's funny, because technically I'd only lost $20 but it hurt a lot more than that. lol and Furcio is trying to make me feel better telling me you win some you lose some, and reminding me when I took almost $350 from him in a single night in nothing but coin flips also. I didn't care what he was saying, I still felt like shit.

So I get home, and I decide to play some poker on Bodog. I had a decent hour or so session winning back the $20 I lost at work, plus a little more. I quit before I had a chance to lose it back. So all that went down on Friday, and then the rest of the weekend was a wreck. Saturday night I played some more on Bodog but things didn't go so good this time. So I lost a few there, then made a couple of bets on soccer and football and lost both of them. By the end of the night I was on mad tilt and let my last $50 from Bodog ride on a 3 team Football parlay. Fuckin Chargers killed my action early as Adrian Peterson and the Vikings ran them over, and I mean literally ran them over as Peterson set a new rushing record.

So I woke up Monday morning feeling like shit not only because of the weekend fiasco, but I had a major tooth ache. One of my back teeth was killing me, and the stupid thing is I had a root canal on it about a year ago. Supposedly during a root canal, the nerve is killed so it doesn't hurt anymore. So I didn't go to school and I called in sick at work and went to the dentist. She said the root canal had to be redone and thats going to run me like $650. Fuck. She gave me some antibiotics and painkillers and that's been working so far as I haven't had the pain come back, and lets hope it doesn't.

Anyway, on Tuesday I decided not to go to school again, I don't even know why, but I spent the morning thinking about whether I should quit gambling. For the first time in my life, I actually considered it. No sports betting, no poker, no coin flips lol. And just focus 100% in school. Well that though lasted about 10 minutes. lol. I just love to gamble, its my life. I love the thrill of sports betting, and I most definitely love the game of poker. It's who I am, and sure I had shitty weekend, but that's part of the gamble. I'm at a point in my life where I can sustain the style of life I live. I have virtually no living expenses so I have the luxury of using the little money I make at work towards poker and sports betting. It's not as if I lose money, and then go ask people to lend me some. I use my money that I earn, so if I want to gamble it away, hey that's my choice.

Enough of that. I was going to write up on my first live poker tourney but it's getting late and I actually plan on going to school tomorrow so I'll write about it tomorrow night.

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